The Soul Traveler Ch'i Gung  (Qigong) Piano Healing Music Collection
Kevin Misevis - The Soul Traveler

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  • 116 Piano Ch‘inatas (piano sonatas channeled & spontaneously performed & charged with Ch‘i & Healing Intent by Ch‘i Gung Pianist Kevin Misevis, Doctor & Qigong Master Wan Su Jian & 4 Ch‘i Gung doctors from Beijing, China).
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Experience the channeled healing music of Ch‘i Gung Pianist & Author Kevin Misevis. His inspirational Piano Ch‘inatas are a natural & spiritual kaleidoscope of subtle energies for stress relief, revitalization & healing.

Designed & produced to create environments for healing & to be listened to while reading Healing Journeys the definitive book on healing cancer & chronic dis-ease, which the author did without drugs, surgeries, biopsies, radiation or chemo.

15 hours of Ch‘i Gung Piano Music make working, relaxing, meditating, yoga, playing, making love & healing more intimate & enjoyable.

His Ch‘inatas were created under optimum feng-shui conditions on a rarely heard 7’ 4” August Förster Grand Piano handcrafted in East Germany. The multidimensionality of the August Förster affects subtle levels of consciousness that may not be evident in everyday awareness.


Each harmony & overtone is a 4th-dimensional healing-intended activating field that can integrate chakras to help drain & cleanse stagnant, congested, suppressed & toxic emotions in the psychophysical circuitry of the subtle body fields.


Each rhythm is an organizational frequency, a cosmic mantra to lead the soul inward & evoke psychic energies to open a path to liquid intuition, self-transcendence & enlightenment.


Each melody carries the light further inward, revealing the true direction & raison d’être of the journey.

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