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From the creative soul of Lithuanian/American composer, author, channel & Ch‘i Gung Pianist Kevin Misevis comes Soul Traveler Prelude, a mystical treasure of new music & videos. Experience the raw sensual & rhythmic emotions & evocative melodic subtleties channeled to create a contemplative state of mindful openness that will nourish the spirit, mind & every cell of the body.


He records his spontaneously performed Piano Ch‘inatas, which are piano sonatas charged with Ch’i & healing intent, under optimum feng shui conditions prescribed by Ch’i Gung Masters.


Soul Traveler Prelude draws on healing energies from spiritual places around the world. His timeless music & meditative videos are not only captivating & beautiful they also serve as a Ch’i Gung frequency medicine, holographically encoded on the sound waves of the artist’s performance.


After a concert Misevis channeled in Beijing, China in 2003, Doctor & Master Wan Su Jian, a 4-Star General who treats the President of China with Ch‘i Gung, asked Misevis to team-up with him to introduce Chi Gung, to the West using a Western instrument – the Piano. Doctor Wan & Misevis use Ch‘i Gung to focus, charge & encode Ch’i & healing intent into his Piano Ch‘inatas to create environments for the body to heal.


Soul Traveler Piano Ch‘inatas are intended for progressive relaxation, strengthening awareness & accentuating soul energy for healing & well being. They were trance channeled & spontaneously performed on an exceptional & rarely heard August Förster Concert Grand Piano. Handcrafted in East Germany, the August Förster has unique tonal & healing qualities that generate the healing vibrations experienced through this music. Soul Traveler Prelude, the 1st CD in the Ch‘i Gung (Qigong) Piano Healing Music Collection & The Ch‘i Gung Piano Healing Music, Video & Book Set will envelop you in soothing tones and healing vibrations.

This multimedia set includes Soul Traveler – Healing Journeys, a 786-page book on healing cancer and chronic dis-ease, which the author/composer achieved without the use of drugs, biopsies, surgeries, radiation or chemo. The author/ composer recommends listening to Soul Traveler Prelude while reading the first four chapters of his new book Healing Journeys. The title track from this CD Soul Traveler Prelude, a 16:48-minute mp3, is available as a FREE download.

May the Ch‘i be with you.

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SUMMER FLOW (4.61 MB) $ 0.99 5:02 Play
CELTIC MOON (5.45 MB) $ 0.99 5:56 Play
WINTER LOVE (3.04 MB) $ 0.99 3:19 Play
HAREM QUEEN (4.70 MB) $ 0.99 5:08 Play
YOU WEREN'T THERE (6.69 MB) $ 0.99 7:18 Play
JAKIYA (4.77 MB) $ 0.99 5:12 Play
I WISH I KNEW (2.78 MB) $ 0.99 3:02 Play
LEAVING TOMORROW (4.54 MB) $ 0.99 4:57 Play
FREE TO GO (4.09 MB) $ 0.99 4:28 Play
ANOTHER CHANCE (3.73 MB) $ 0.99 4:04 Play
VICKY'S SONG (4.52 MB) $ 0.99 4:56 Play
WANT YOU TO LOVE ME (5.7 MB) $ 0.99 5:58 Play
MP3 FREE SOUL TRAVELER PRELUDE (15.39 MB) $ 0.00 16:48 Play
Soul Traveler Prelude CD/DVD $ 19.97 74:08

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