Soul Traveler


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AVATARA is a Sanskrit word that means "descent" as in the appearance or incarnation of a heavenly deity. All Soul Traveler Ch‘inatas were spontaneously performed on a rarely heard 7’ 4” August Förster Grand Piano that was hand crafted in East Germany and channeled from a higher source as my eyes are closed and I am in am in a deep trance as Ch‘inatas just flow and flow through me from, depending on your belief system—God, my Avatara, the Akashic Field, the Ch’i of the Universe or as some may posit—ex-nihilo.

When you listen to AVATARA, the spirituality of its Ch‘inatas will resonate with your inner being even more as your body and mind align to the frequencies of healing intent that create environments to reduce stress and allow your body to heal.

Put on AVATARA when meditating or getting psychic or body work, massage or when at home, in the car and while reading The Gestalt of Healing and Then It Happened To Me from my book Healing Journeys as healing is a spiritual process as well as a physical process. May your AVATARA be with you!