Soul Traveler


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SOUL TRAVELER 2007 provides a relaxation and healing boost that takes the edge off stress. Whether experiencing massage or relaxing body treatments, getting lost in deep meditation or as a soundtrack to your day, SOUL TRAVELER 2007 will soothe your soul, accentuate soul energy, release stress and when listened to when deep breathing will reboot your ch‘i ram, optimize your brain and make your mental hard drive coherent.

Your body needs to relax before it can heal. SOUL TRAVELER 2007 helps create environments for the body to heal from the inside out. Enjoy the bio-spiritual healing sounds of SOUL TRAVELER 2007 when reading Life Music and Timeless Ch‘i; The Fourth Dimension and Beyond from my book Healing Journeys, you will resonate with the explanations of how and why a piano is the quintessential musical healing instrument.

SOUL TRAVELER 2007, like all Ch‘inatas was spontaneously created under optimum feng-shui conditions and was channeled on a 7’ 4” August Förster Grand Piano that was hand crafted in East Germany and, as you will hear, is not only an incredible sounding and rarely heard piano, but is also an amazing healing instrument.