Experience the remarkable creative flow of a spiritual composer, who receives his inspiration from the Ch'i of the universe.

His spontaneous compositions, simultaneously performed and recorded at the moment of their creation, are a musical journey of inner peace, relaxation, & well-being.

Kevin received the gift of spontaneous composition six years ago.  His journey into energy medicine and natural healing was the result of a personal tragedy.  In researching traditional healing around the world, he became aware of a unified theory explain by quantum physics and the Chinese concept of "Ch'i".

In his upcoming Multimedia 12 CD, 5 DVD and fully illustrated Coffee Table Book and Set "Soul Traveler 2012"' Kevin explains how Ch'i energy encodes healing intent as a subtle charge, carried on the sound waves of his music.  His experiences have defined his life's mission to encourage awareness of well-being and self-healing.

Let the uplifting sounds of Soul Traveler 2012 envelop you in soothing tones and healing vibrations.  It makes the perfect soundtrack for intimate moments, spas, therapeutic and healthcare environments, or use it in any business or home as an adjunct to Feng Shui.

The Multimedia Soul Traveler – Healing Journeys and the Chi Gung Piano Healing Music Collection comes with 15 CDs of channeled and spontaneously performed Ch‘inatas, Ch'i Gung Music Videos and a definitive book on healing cancer and chronic dis-ease without drugs, surgeries, biopsies, radiation or chemo. Soul Traveler – Healing Journeys tells of Kevin's heart-wrenching journey into music healing and complimentary, integrative, energy and Eastern medicine

This multi-media set also includes videos of Ch'i Gung meditations and channeled performances by Kevin Misevis and Master Wan Su Jian and his group of Ch'i Gung masters, doctors and disciples from Beijing.

Master Wan, who treats Xi Jinping, the President of China, with medical Ch‘i Gung, and his entourage came all the way from China to bring the ancient Chinese Healing Art of Taoist Ch'i Gung to the West.

When Misevis channeled a Benefit Concert at the Beijing Red Cross Center for Taoist Traditional Medicine in 2003, Master Wan suggested a collaboration to integrate Ch'i Gung healing through the sounds of the Western piano.

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