The August Förster and the Music of the Spheres

Listen intently to the effervescent frequencies to hear the sonic nuances produced by such a mystical instrument and find out why I absolutely love my seven-foot, four-inch August Förster grand piano. Handcrafted in East Germany, this is a rarely heard piano. Because of its structure and material, it possesses the capacity for infinite harmonics and is the instrument of my spirit and I use it as a healing device. Endowed with a full voice and sonic spectrum, it has a warm bass all the way down to low A, crystal-clear upper range and lush shimmering overtones where unsuspecting echoes can help invoke altered states of consciousness. I love the swirling, effervescent and celestial harmonics of the August Förster’s vibrating strings when chords are held in the aether.

Most of the healing energy of the August Förster is in the harmonics, which carry the information of healing intent. The piano combines and manifests the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual essences of my being, Master Wan Su Jian and four Ch'i Gung doctors from Beijing, China while it entrains vibrational healing intent to guide those who hear it toward relaxation, vibrational balance and Oneness. It is an extraordinary piano with an iridescent sound that creates virtual sounds that trigger higher vibratory moods and feelings that may not seem directly related to the music, but are. It works on the body’s chakras to recharge and heal our true self—our eternal soul by resonating with the Ch’i of the Universe and opening a door into a reality beyond this reality.


“Let a note be struck on an instrument, and the faintest sound produces an eternal echo. A disturbance is created on the invisible wave of the shoreless ocean of space, and the vibration is never wholly lost. Its energy being once carried from the world of matter into the immaterial world will live forever.”
 – H.P. Blavatsky

The unique sounding board of the August Förster draws you into the tonality of full-spectrum harmonics that are held as an evanescing part of my playing style. The tones are so clear that they induce and entrain sound perceptions that are spiritually restorative and can override low energy frequencies. Even for a cynic, there tends to be some minimal spiritual effect. One would have to resist intensely and consciously try to deny the effect healing music can have, because it is music of serenity, compassion, transition, strength and purity, and effects us at the level of our core being. These forces are harnessed andare combined with frequencies of healing intent to create environments in which the body can heal.

The August Förster tones fuses and resonates so perfectly with healing intent. It is not uncommon to experience a sound-induced change in awareness and/or a frequency shift that can galvanize the inner potential for spiritual growth, cognition, evolution, creativity and well being. This sound ch’i creates a mystical ambiance through the exceptionally resonant solid brass and maple sounding board that directs and encodes the information transfer of ch’i like a time machine. It draws the hearer into other dimensions of expanding magnetic consciousness that can bring forth a simultaneous effect in the octave of our limited physical existence. It is like the timeless communicating with the time bound. Whether you are aware of it or not, you are bumped up a notch in awareness by the rich overtones, as notes and chords resonate from subliminal to conscious awareness while simultaneously being bumped down several notches of stress.    

It always seems that more comes out of the August Förster than what I put into it as emotions, spirit and soul are melded and channeled into the music. British engineer Christopher Dunn sums up how I feel about the August Förster. He says the Egyptians tuned their electroacoustic power plant, the Great Pyramid at Giza, to a natural harmonic of the Earth’s vibration.2 The August Förster is like a power plant tuned to the telluric frequencies of the Earth, giving more than it receives, transmuting myriads of energies into the sonic healing vibrations of healing intent and love. I delight in creating the soft, subtle passages of a Soul Traveler Ch'inata, they are like a gentle energy Jacuzzi that soothes the soul and lightly tickles the listener into dreamlike states by resonating different vibratory complexities. The feeling is similar to how a body temperature bath makes one feel: relaxed and floating but without the physicality of temperature.