If you are the kind of person who would take your car to a certified mechanic who knew how all the names and parts of your car and how they work to the nth degree, but has no clue about the quality, quantity, consistency, temperature and/or timing involved with the car’s food, water, electricity and air—fuel, oil, water, oxygen, anti-freeze, brake and power steering fluids and how the mechanisms of electricity are used in your car, then do not bother reading this book because there is no hope for you and it would be a wasted your money.

This book is about healing. Every day millions of people go to Board Certified doctors who have the highest consensus reality reputations in “curing” cancer and heart dis-ease who have no clue how nutritional supplements, herbs, minerals, GMOs, the Gamma radiation of food or the kinds and quality of food, water, air and Ch‘i (the Universal life force) affect the body. Then they typically recommend multiple drug treatments that in most cases, do not heal, actually cause multiple side effects not the least of which is death and only treat symptoms.

Most intelligent people would shrug at the idea of such a thing with their car, but have no problem taking dangerous drugs, letting doctors perform mutilating surgeries, undergo burning radiation, subject themselves to derivatives of Mustard and Sarin Nerve gas invented by the NAZIs and think nothing of letting doctors perform biopsies that spread cancer throughout their bodies. Why? Because in most cases, “civilized” people have lost their instinct of self-preservation, do not listen to their gut feelings, have been culturally, educationally, religiously and media entrained in herd mentality to trust doctors and authorities and have lost the ability to think for themselves or to even think clearly.

Soul Traveler — Healing Journeys will get you back on track if you want to. The research and wisdom in this tome was written down as a labor of love, not for financial gain. It cost a fortune to write this and create the Soul Traveler Ch‘i Gung Piano Healing Music Collection and I never thought about the cost to do this.

Now that it is done, I want to get this out to the people who need to know about real healing. Yes, I will make money now, but that money will continue the research into healing and allow me to create more healing music and videos, which I will share in my next book and collection.

What is Soul Traveler?

Soul Traveler is music created by spiritual composer and channel Kevin Misevis and Ch'i Gung Master Wan Su Jian and his Chi Gung doctors and disciples that will take you on a journey to health, spirituality and longevity.

Besides this incredible book about the secrets of healing cancer and chronic dis-ease without the use of surgery, drugs, chemo and radiation, there are 114 Soul Traveler Ch‘inatas and 38 Ch‘i Gung healing music videos to soothe your soul, relax your body, quiet your mind, take you to other dimensions of sight and sound and space and time to create environments for your body to heal.

This elegant and pragmatic multimedia set can be used for almost any purpose. Soul Traveler Ch‘inatas are mystical frequencies that create environments for your body to heal by reducing stress. When combined with deep breathing meditation, Ch‘i Gung, T‘ai Ch‘i, yoga or exercise, they draw your energy into a spinning vortex to nourish your chakras and de-stress your entire being.

When listening to Soul Traveler Ch‘inatas during meditation, it is not uncommon to experience dreaming and expanded awareness of other realities not privy to our five-sense frequency decoders. When listening while reading Healing Journeys, you will be transported deep into a new world of proactive consciousness and you will resonate with the truths uncovered in Healing Journeys.

You may notice that sometimes the energy of Soul Traveler Ch‘inatas changes and grounds you to the Earth, other times it will make your spirit soar like an eagle and you will have an overview of what is going on down here on Earth as you objectively look at the situation completely non involved.

When you need an answer to something that is not available by other means, put on a Soul Traveler CD or DVD and start to deep breathe, clear your mind, relax and concentrate on your breathing. Become peaceful, look inside and meditate on what you seek while listening.

How does it work?

Soul Traveler works through music frequencies and healing intent of Misevis and Chi Gung masters that is carried on the sound waves of the music.  In inspired spiritual musical moments, the composer spontaneously composes and simultaneously performs "Music in the Qi of life," unlocking the doors to universal free energy that illuminates the brain and enhances life.  His alluring music transcends traditional form and captures essences of freedom, peace, tranquility and self-awareness.  Connected to the infinite bloom of love, the atmospheric quality of his music is charged and encoded with healing intent while he rides on flowing waves of vitalizing Ch'i, the universal life-force energy.

How do the music and videos of Soul Traveler soothe the body and create an environment for the body to heal?

The intrinsic harmonious flow of love and healing intent encoded in Soul Traveler is broadcast to the body, mind and soul and is carried on the sound waves of the piano’s vibrating strings and solid brass sounding board.

Sound responds to the laws of vibration and activates an environment in which the body can resonate with the body’s cell, organs, tissues, glands and chakras and bring out-of-tune frequencies back to their default vibrational frequency.

This healing infusion introduces new energy with higher fields that refine, energize and improve the human energy field to magnetize peace, tranquility and healing.

How does Soul Traveler soothe the body?

Soul Traveler soothes the body because it is flow music.

This music was never thought out in advance, written or even performed before and most likely will never be performed by the composer/channeler ever again.

When cells, tissues, glands and organs lose their frequency defaults and become out-of-tune, out-of-phase, out-of-sync, stressed-out, overloaded or stagnant, Soul Traveler helps gets the flow going again by touching your soul with the subtle energy of healing intent and entraining or resonating out-of-tune cells back to their default frequencies.

How does intent get encoded in Soul Traveler?

It is not easy to influence energy without first intending to do so with controlled breathing and a focused concentration and unity of thought, desire and purpose. Intent is a subtle energy that is nonlocal and as a frequency it can transact with other frequencies. It is interesting to know that experiments by William Tiller show conclusively that intent

“…could be imprisoned in a bit of electronic memory and later released to affect the physical world.” (McTaggart, Lynne. The Intention Experiment. New York: Free Press, 2008.)

Soul Traveler is encoded with the energy of focused healing intent. These wave fields loosen the grip of the left-brain and induce subjective and timeless states of mystical consciousness.

How does Soul Traveler create a healing response in the body?

Soul Traveler is channeled and performed using the sacred science of harmonic sympathy to influence energy patterns that induce and nurture a healing response in the subtle and physical bodies.

By creating a wild musical ecosystem, it bypasses the brain’s logic system by connecting to its inner nature. 

Soul Traveler is channeled through the right side of the brain and its frequencies are directly infused and extended into the spiritual and physical planes of the body by compassionate love and healing intent one breath at a time. Both the physical and the subtle bodies need to be healed for a real healing to last.

How do Soul Traveler Ch‘inatas create environments for the body to heal?

Soul Traveler Ch‘inatas create environment for the body to heal by reducing stress, which can take up to 35% of the immune system’s dis-ease-fighting capability and resonating the body’s out of tune frequencies back to their default vibrations. 

The texturizing sound of the August Förster concert grand piano is charged by the amped-up healing intent from Ch'i Gung, meditation, the geo-spiritual vibe of Castle Mountain and the Ch’i of the Universe.

How does Soul Traveler create a healing response in the body?

The Soul Traveler sound is energized to a point of etheric enhancement by the mantra of healing intent I release into my Ch'inatas along with Master Wan, his Ch’i Gung doctors and disciples. We focus on making mind-to-mind and mind-to-body connections with our listeners and viewers.

Soul Traveler carries a spiritual potency as a nonlocal healing music experience that stimulates a transcendent and mystical healing process.Soul Traveler Ch’inatas can vibrationally defrag subtle and emotional blockages and help the body evolve in harmony with mind and spirit.

Ch’i-driven restorative tonal frequencies resonate dis-eased cells back to their normal defaults by subtly affecting the body’s energy field. As in laser physics, movement can tweak and refine out-of-tune frequencies to stimulate an environment conducive for the body to natural heal itself. 

How is Soul Traveler different than other music?

Soul Traveler is unique in that it keeps alive the traditional wisdom of music for healing that is completely lost in most contemporary music today.

It adds the ancient healing wisdom of Ch’i Gung and the subtle energy of healing intent to fire up subtle senses and let your body relax and go with the flow. 

Soul Traveler is in the moment music—it was composed in the moment or from ex nihilo (from nothing), if you will.

Because of its connection to the flow, it stimulates the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems, affects heart rate, respiratory rate and blood pressure via field transactions and influences higher vibrational thought patterns (great for creative writing, organizing, yoga, exercise, driving, Chi Gung, loving, focusing and psycho-spiritual evolution. 

Who is Kevin Misevis?

Kevin is a composer of classical healing music, an author, pianist and CEO of several companies involved in music and Real Estate.  In 1976 he produced New York Strut, a 12 inch 45 with TC James and the Fist-O-Funk Orchestra and re-opened the former Blood Sweat and Tears studio in New York City as a state-of-the-art 24 track-recording studio.  In 1978, he co-wrote and produced "Dance All Over the World," a track from the "Keep On Dancin' album, featuring TC James and the Fist-O-Funk Orchestra, which became a top 10 Disco hit on the US charts and a number one Disco hit on the Canadian dance charts.  In addition, he produced projects like "I Believe" with international pop star George McCrae, and recorded the likes of Cindy Lauper, Angelo Bofil, Henry Grossm the Brecker Brothers, the Harlem Boys Choir, and many others.

His six-year old son, Rajah, was diagnosed with brain cancer in 1990 and died in Kevin's arms in December of 1991.  Throughout that time, Kevin researched and studied everything he could to save his son's life.  This profound and challenging experience was a spiritually awakening journey, which introduced Kevin to the world of energy healing and alternative therapies.  Kevin's spiritual healing journey took him through the Americas, Asia, Africa, Indonesia, Europe, and the Caribbean as a free-lance photographer where he studied indigenous philosophies, meditation, and energy work, while experiencing traditional healing techniques and wellness treatments at spas and wellness centers around the world.  he researched and witnessed the effects that music had on healing and in 1999, while doing piano overdubs at Castle Mountain Studios in the Catskills, discovered his healing journey had unlocked the gift of spontaneous musical composition.  His organically produced music draws inspiration from Chi Gong, Zen Buddhist, martial arts, Tantric, Hatha, Kundalini yoga, Western classical masters, and Egypto-Judeo-Christian energies.  Kevin is the channel from which these healing energies flow and his healing intent infused with universal consciousness, wisdom, and enlightened love.

Who is Master Wan Su Jian?

Master Wan Su Jian comes from a ch'i gung family, he inherited this tradition and practiced Tao ch'i gung throughout his lifetime.  Both his parents are Chinese doctors of herbal medicine as well as practitioners of Tao ch'i gung.  He started his training when he was a child with many famous Chinese Tao teachers and hermits.  All his teachers, who lived in deep forests or on igh mountains, taught cosmic unity and possessed the highest of natural powers.  Master Wan studied and practiced ch'i hung daily for many years, eventually becoming a master, which is not easy, to say the least.  One has to go through many years of concentrated study and practice until one becomes "one" with the ch'i gung, a unity with natural energy.  If a person is not qualified to teach and attempts to do so, then he may teach a wrong ch'i gung and not help but hurt people.  It takes ten years, at least, to teach, train, and mold one good student who can later qualify to be a Master of ch'i gung, because one has to know not only ch'i gung itself, but also learn Chinese medicine, some Western medicine, and body sciences.

Master Wan is a former Chinese military medical doctor, director of military doctors, personal physician of Chinese Presidents, and currently a professor, kung fu and ch'i gung Master not to mention a retired four-star Chinese army general.  His primary job is health care for the highest-level government officials who live in Zhong Nan Hai (the official government residence compound) in Beijing. Master Wan Su Jian also heads the Beijing Red Cross Center for Taoist Traditional Medicine and has been doing so for many years.  He visits many rural areas in China where there is little or no medical care and uses Tao ch'i gung to help heal the local patients.  He has appeared in several documentaries demonstrating his healing abilities on CCTV in China and is a well-known national hero for saving thousand of lives during the Tangshan earthquake on June 5, 1976, when the city lost 650,000 inhabitants.

Does Soul Traveler have anything to do with religion?

Soul Traveler has nothing to do with religion, and it doesn't matter if you're Jewish, Catholic, Protestant, Communist, Goddess worshipper, Geniist, Muslim, Jain, a Spiritist, Sufist, Buddhist, Hindu, Taoist, Caodaist, pagan, atheist or a believer in a higher power; you will fully enjoy the benefits of this spiritually meditative music. 

At the very least, you will relax, which allows the healing process to occur in the body. More importantly Soul Traveler is a powerful invocation to cultivate spiritual growth. It is a way to find the God within. When listened to while doing deep breathing meditation, it can open the soul's inner path to the reality of the non-material worlds, self-actualization and enlightenment.

People react differently to different stimuli, and it is not uncommon for people to say that the radiant energy and musigenic (gene changing) withinness of Soul Traveler triggers emotional, spiritual, noetic, physical, creative, mystical and/or peaceful reactions in them. One acquaintance uses Soul Traveler to head off arguments and calm his children down when they get antsy.

What is the book Soul Traveler 2012 about?

The book Soul Traveler 2012 brings to light awareness of other modalities and perceptions of true healing.  True healing is not controlling symptons with drugs, supplements, foods, radiation and surgery; it is an energy field interaction between the mind and the body to heal the real cause of the problem, whether it is morphogenic, psychological, physical, emotional, environmental or spiritual.  Healing must be self-induced and self-devised so take a do-it-yourself approach and participate in your own healing.  After experiencing the death of my little boy from cancer years ago, I have a tendendency to share my experiences, and occasional wisdom, energies and self-healing consciousness with others when I hear of illness.  It is amazing that many people are so firmly programmed by the status quo medical consciousness that they don't want even to hear about taking responsibility for thei own health, yet that is the very thing that will empower them to heal.  They are not ready to learn that their disease is their teacher; they resist common sense and gut feelings to stay the course of the consensus program.  Take this drug and that drug and maybe a few more if you need to and you'll be OK and you can keep on working or being a student, a busy parent or whatever.  In a perfect world, if the drugs actually healed the illness without side effects, that would be a no-brainer, the perfect solution.  But when drugs, surgery and radiation actually cause harm or even death, a second thought, let alone a second opinion from a holistic doctor, is not a radical, unreasonable or imprudent concept.  A second thought may even be instigated by your gut feeling and intuition, which, although your gut feeling may have been wondering why you haven't been paying attention to it all those years, is still there looking out for you.  Maybe one of the dis-ease's teachings is that it is a good time to start listening to your gut before it gets desensitized out of existence.  You can't rebuild dis-eased cells with drugs and if you do get better by taking drugs, it's probably in spite of the drugs and not because of the drugs.

What can Soul Traveler do for me?

What this music can do is to help create an environment for the body to heal, while this book can inform you that there exist valuable health choices that may not always be presented to you in mainstream medicine.  The emotional experience of my son's short life vitalizes, charges and broadcasts focused energies of healing intent and love during these spontaneous compositional performances.  Like ancient shamans who were aware of an invisible nonmaterial realm and knew that thought can control energy by tapping into the universal energy field, I channel the Ch'i of the universe and project it through the mind field as a sound therapy to guide and connect with the inner energy source of intent to help create an environment for the body to do its natural job of healing itself.  Of course there is a glitch to this concept.  If the listener is not receptive or has a mental block to healing, then the maximum positive field transaction benefit will not fully take place although the music can be enjoyed for its relaxation and enteratainment values.  Even so, because of the relaxation effect, the body's healing response will still be partially stimulated as the healing intended sound energy infuses the listener's own energy field.

Is music healing a new idea?

This is not a new idea: music has been used for healing and to connect to one's spiritual self for millenia, and when you look at escalating costs of medical insurance for both the patient and the doctor, coupled with the fact that many doctors are unable to afford to stay in business and are being driven out of the profession, it pays to heed the Boy Scout motto, "Be prepared."  It could come to pass that we might have to be our own doctor in te not-too-distant future, anyway.  It is wise to investigate all available therapies, including spiritual dimensions that may resonate with you.  You will then be able to make well-informed choices in your journey to health and well-being.

Can Soul Traveler be used with allopathic medicine?

No matter how you handle your health issues, the music of Soul Traveler will complement the ruling paradigm. It can beneficially support most healing modalities that are compatible with AMA, integrative, ayurvedic, complementary and holistic medicines on both short- and long-term basis. This book, however, may move you to a new awareness of self-healing, empowerment and worldview, and hopefully will create a personal paradigm shift for the better.

What is Chi Gung?

Ch'i Gung, like music, is a subtle energy medicine as well as a 2,000 year-old ancient Chinese healing art for curing illness and strengthening the body ch'i.

Does everybody have ch'i?

Everybody has ch'i; we are all born with it and it makes up our innate vitality. We also absorb ch'i throughout life. We take it in naturally through food, air, water and cosmic forces and we can increase the ch'i inflow to the body by meditation to connect ourselves directly to the universe.  Some Eastern philosophers believe that we are born with a finite amount of ch'i and that is it, while others believe that you can recharge your ch'i batteries by following the Tao (the way of nature), a mystical quasi religion founded by Lao Tzu in the sixth-century B.C.E. Still other philosophers and ch‘i masters use ch'i gung (qigong), t'ai ch‘i ch'uan, yoga, deep diaphragmatic breathing, meridian therapy and other disciplines to balance the flow of ch'i in the body and to maintain adequate reserves of ch'i throughout life.  If you don't do something to contribute to longevity, then chances are you will be a candidate for shortgevity unless you have super genes or are very lucky.

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