What is the book Soul Traveler 2012 about?

The book Soul Traveler 2012 brings to light awareness of other modalities and perceptions of true healing.  True healing is not controlling symptons with drugs, supplements, foods, radiation and surgery; it is an energy field interaction between the mind and the body to heal the real cause of the problem, whether it is morphogenic, psychological, physical, emotional, environmental or spiritual.  Healing must be self-induced and self-devised so take a do-it-yourself approach and participate in your own healing.  After experiencing the death of my little boy from cancer years ago, I have a tendendency to share my experiences, and occasional wisdom, energies and self-healing consciousness with others when I hear of illness.  It is amazing that many people are so firmly programmed by the status quo medical consciousness that they don't want even to hear about taking responsibility for thei own health, yet that is the very thing that will empower them to heal.  They are not ready to learn that their disease is their teacher; they resist common sense and gut feelings to stay the course of the consensus program.  Take this drug and that drug and maybe a few more if you need to and you'll be OK and you can keep on working or being a student, a busy parent or whatever.  In a perfect world, if the drugs actually healed the illness without side effects, that would be a no-brainer, the perfect solution.  But when drugs, surgery and radiation actually cause harm or even death, a second thought, let alone a second opinion from a holistic doctor, is not a radical, unreasonable or imprudent concept.  A second thought may even be instigated by your gut feeling and intuition, which, although your gut feeling may have been wondering why you haven't been paying attention to it all those years, is still there looking out for you.  Maybe one of the dis-ease's teachings is that it is a good time to start listening to your gut before it gets desensitized out of existence.  You can't rebuild dis-eased cells with drugs and if you do get better by taking drugs, it's probably in spite of the drugs and not because of the drugs.