Who is Master Wan Su Jian?

Master Wan Su Jian comes from a ch'i gung family, he inherited this tradition and practiced Tao ch'i gung throughout his lifetime.  Both his parents are Chinese doctors of herbal medicine as well as practitioners of Tao ch'i gung.  He started his training when he was a child with many famous Chinese Tao teachers and hermits.  All his teachers, who lived in deep forests or on igh mountains, taught cosmic unity and possessed the highest of natural powers.  Master Wan studied and practiced ch'i hung daily for many years, eventually becoming a master, which is not easy, to say the least.  One has to go through many years of concentrated study and practice until one becomes "one" with the ch'i gung, a unity with natural energy.  If a person is not qualified to teach and attempts to do so, then he may teach a wrong ch'i gung and not help but hurt people.  It takes ten years, at least, to teach, train, and mold one good student who can later qualify to be a Master of ch'i gung, because one has to know not only ch'i gung itself, but also learn Chinese medicine, some Western medicine, and body sciences.

Master Wan is a former Chinese military medical doctor, director of military doctors, personal physician of Chinese Presidents, and currently a professor, kung fu and ch'i gung Master not to mention a retired four-star Chinese army general.  His primary job is health care for the highest-level government officials who live in Zhong Nan Hai (the official government residence compound) in Beijing. Master Wan Su Jian also heads the Beijing Red Cross Center for Taoist Traditional Medicine and has been doing so for many years.  He visits many rural areas in China where there is little or no medical care and uses Tao ch'i gung to help heal the local patients.  He has appeared in several documentaries demonstrating his healing abilities on CCTV in China and is a well-known national hero for saving thousand of lives during the Tangshan earthquake on June 5, 1976, when the city lost 650,000 inhabitants.

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