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HEALING DREAMS will help you sleep and put healing frequencies into your body mind and soul to stimulate cellular healing at the nano level. HEALING DREAMS works as well while during a massage or body work as when you are in beta during the day to enhance soul connection and create environments for relaxation, stress reduction, increased awareness and frequency healing at the nano level.

HEALING DREAMS is a perfect acoustic environment for those quiet and special moments when you intimately connect with your partner. The mystical and meditative sounds of HEALING DREAMS are perfect for engaging in yoga, massage, body work, working out, Pilates, aerobics or doing Ch‘i Gung and will calm overactive children.

Please enjoy reading Alkalinity vs. Acidity and the chapter on Shamanism from my book Healing Journeys while listening to HEALING DREAMS as healing dreams are the essence and rituals of shamanism and together with what you eat and drink empower healing or creates dis-ease.

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Select Name Cost Time Preview
HEALING DREAMS (9.90 MB) $ 1.49 10:48 Play
KOTO DAMA (5.89 MB) $ 1.49 6:25 Play
FIRE STONES (4.60 MB) $ 1.49 5:01 Play
THE FIVE SUNS (12.87 MB) $ 1.49 14:03 Play
SOLAR CROSS (13.20 MB) $ 1.49 14:24 Play
THE FUTURE IS NOW (9.56 MB) $ 1.49 10:26 Play
HEALING DREAMS ALBUM (All Tracks) $ 10.47 61.27

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