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SATGURU is a title given to a great teacher, an enlightened rishi, saint or spiritual being whose life’s purpose is to guide initiates along a spiritual path to God through self-realization. The healing sounds of SATGURU bring awareness to how music affects us viscerally and can connect us with God and the Oneness of the Universe.

SATGURU will stimulate resonance with the Master Wan Su Jian and the If You Are Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired chapters from my book Healing Journeys. The loving sounds of SATGURU will create environments for your body to resonate and entrain out-of-tune frequencies back to their defaults and make that information more meaningful for you. Listen deeply and learn about real healing.

SATGURU works well while in beta during the day to enhance soul connection, but it is also wonderful for massage, body work and to create environments for relaxation and stress reduction, increased awareness and frequency healing at the nano level. May the wisdom of Ch‘i be with you.

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Select Name Cost Time Preview
KUMARI KANDAM (9.79 MB) $ 1.49 10:41 Play
MUSIC OF THE INNER LIGHT (9.86 MB) $ 1.49 10:46 Play
SPIRITUAL SUN (7.80 MB) $ 1.49 8:31 Play
ARAARAGOT (6.32 MB) $ 1.49 6:54 Play
ENDLESS WHEEL (6.39 MB) $ 1.49 6:58 Play
INFINITE BLOOM (14.47 MB) $ 1.49 15:48 Play
THE EYE OF HOURS (8.75 MB) $ 1.49 9:33 Play
SATGURU ALBUM (All Tracks) $ 10.97 69:41

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