Soul Traveler


TEP ZEPI mean the first time and the creation of the Soul Traveler Ch‘i Gung Healing Music Collection is the first time Ch‘i Gung was ever been performed, recorded and filmed with a Western instrument – the Piano.

TEP ZEPI will not only help you relax and find inner peace and healing while meditating, thinking, reading or being actively engaged in physicality, but also will help you understand the energy that goes into the entire SOUL TRAVELER CH’INATAS and how they stimulate the immune system to create environments for real healing.

Put t on TEP ZEPI when you want to try something new for the first time or at home, work or before a massage or body work and especially while reading The Feng Shui of Healing Music and Proactive Consciousness and True Healing to not only hear, but also understand how musical feng shui will create harmony in your body, peace in your mind and love in your heart and soul.

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Select Name Cost Time Preview
THE SHINNING ONES (10.28 MB) $ 1.99 11:13 Play
HEART OF TIME (4.45 MB) $ 0.99 4:51 Play
A LIGHT IN MY HEART (9.94 MB) $ 1.99 10:52 Play
CELESTIAL TIME (8.68 MB) $ 1.49 9:29 Play
CITIES OF LIGHT (5.00 MB) $ 1.49 5:27 Play
TEP ZEPI (10.47 MB) $ 1.49 5:58 Play
TEP ZEPI ALBUM (All Tracks) $ 8.97 47:50

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