Soul Traveler

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SOUL TRAVELER PRELUDE came into being after I experienced 71 complementary spa treatments in Asia as a photojournalist researching 5-Star Spa Resort Hotels for the Millennium issue of the Robb Report’s Best of the Best Spas in the World. When I returned and sat down to do overdubs on my hand crafted 7’ 4” August Förster Grand Piano, Soul Traveler Prelude came out of nowhere and was channeled and recorded in 3 hours.

The title track SOUL TRAVELER PRELUDE however, was channeled in 2004 with Ch‘i Gung Master Wan Su Jian and four of his Ch‘i Gung masters, doctors and disciples from Beijing, China. This CD is especially wonderful to listen to during intimate moments as it stimulates a spiritual connection that is very special and sets the body, mind and soul on a journey toward wellness and longevity. May the Ch‘i be with you.