“Playing Soul Traveler during treatments has enhanced my practice. The response of my patients to this music has been wonderful, they feel more relaxed and comment on the soothing nature of the compositions. . . . Calm, smooth—like velvet. The true essence of the sensual quality of the Soul Traveler Collection comes with familiarity. Since I play it continuously in my office, I feel an intimacy with the music and its subtle nuances. This is the best music collection ever made for a totally relaxing and healing environment.”

– Dr. Eva Turner, DC
Orangeburg, New York

“A great read filled with practical information and useful strategies that can be incorporated into healthy lifestyle changes and applied immediately to kick-start the body’s inherent self-healing ability. Kevin has brought together decades of investigation and discovery of the causes of disease and the effects of natural, true health care and condensed all that knowledge into a guidebook for proactive consciousness, optimal living, disease-free longevity and personal and spiritual development. His music, like meditation, produces a state of mind so calming that just the act of calming the nervous system has healing effects.
His deeply personal story and musician’s insight combine in a magical way to show us the road to thinking objectively and independently about healthcare and how we can improve the natural health of our lives and our loved ones. It is a game-changer in our quest for effective, natural and low cost ways to live the life that we all desire—a life of love and health of which we can be the confident custodians. The lifestyle changes contained in Healing Journeys represent a vastly superior approach to optimizing health and are effective alternatives to the allopathic medicine’ s paradigm of chronic disease-care focused only on symptom treatment rather than the prevention of illness, removing the cause of illness and optimizing genetic expression.”

– Dr. Kurt Hellinger MS, DC, Ch'i Gung Master
Flushing, New York

“ We know that there’  s such a thing as resonance and when one can hit upon an optimal resonance for a person in tones and sounds, it should help to bring about a healing in the body. . . . We have begun to play Soul Traveler in our treatment rooms.” 

– Dr. Michael Schachter
Board Certified Psychiatrist, Author, Suffern, New York

“ Absolutely wonderful read which because of Kevin's persistent search for the truth, and your dedication to  sharing  such  knowledge,  coupled  with  your  God-given honest  and  pure  literary  voice,  will  more likely than not touch the hearts of millions of readers.”

– Suzan Sofia McGovern
International Professor of Health Law Regulatory Compliance and Bioethics Officer affiliated with
New York Presbyterian Weill Cornell Medical Center, New York, NY

“ I am writing these words while listening to your music and I like it very much. It is actually rare to find relaxing music that has high quality. We will  set you on the list of recommended music for our partner hotels  and  I  will  send  your  link  right  away  to  one  of  our  new  partner  hotels,  which  is  specialized  in TCM.”

– Dr. Elisabeth Ixmeier
Managing Partner, Healing Hotels of the World, Köln, Germany

“Ch‘i Gung allows me to be able to give my love and my love of nature as a single unified love. It is how the unified healing music of Kevin Misevis, together with the healing Ch‘ i and intent of my disciples and I came into being. I must continue to develop and expand Ch‘ i Gung and that is why I came to Castle Mountain to see Kevin and to use his Western piano music to express the beauty and power of Ch‘ i Gung. With my great love and Ch‘ i Gung unified with the beauty and the spirit of Castle Mountain, Kevin channeled Soul Traveler with great power and love for healing. The resulting music is beautiful and powerful and reaches our desired objective. Ch‘ i Gung music is a communication of love, nature andthe power of Ch‘ i and will be very helpful for people who need healing from disease, depression, and stress.”

“The desire to express my inspiration for healing was fully realized in Soul Traveler. This successful result is evidenced in the following ways: when one listens to Soul Traveler Ch’ inatas, they add positive forces to the body such as peace, love, and healing intent. The musical tones are heard and felt through the organs, especially the ear, skin and inner organs, as well as the chakras and crystals of the body. The sounds’ vibrations enter the vestibular system [a fluid-filled network within the inner ear] and help orient, stimulate and balance the body and its metabolism. The sounds cause the heart to beat in rhythm with the peaceful music so that blood circulation cooperates with intestinal function. As the whole body’ s metabolism is stimulated, disease can be eradicated and the body can be healed. When the body is finally one hundred percent healthy, then the individual can move into the subsequent stage of longevity. When the body reaches optimum cellular vibrational levels, it sets the stage for healing.”

“In our normal daily lives, we go through many unhappy, stressful days and depressing moments, especially when we are not in touch with the true consciousness of our core being—our heart center. If we listen to beautiful and relaxing sounds, our vibrational interpreters of emotion become relaxed andour body’ s energy flow merges into a natural energy flow. As a result, we feel much better.”

– Master Wan Su Jian
Director of the Beijing Red Cross Center for Taoist Traditional Medicine, Beijing, China

“ The  music  of  Soul  Traveler  is  a  beautiful,  tranquil  listening  experience  that  complements  our therapies in the ‘Haven of Life’”

– Anne Marie Keen
Spa Director, Chiva Som International Health Resort, Hua Hin, Thailand

“ Kevin is creating an environment for people to lower their stress, which also means healing.” 

– Dr. Stan Kacherski DDS, MS, Homeopath
Hopewell Junction, New York

"Playing  Soul  Traveler  during  treatments has enhanced  my practice.  The  response  of  my  patients to this  music  has  been  wonderful,  they  feel  more  relaxed  and  comment  on  the  soothing  nature  of  the compositions.  .  .  .  Calm,  smooth—like  velvet.  The  true  essence  of  the  sensual  quality  of  the  Soul Traveler  Collection  comes with  familiarity.  Since  I  play  it  continuously  in  my  office,  I  feel  an  intimacy with the music and its subtle nuances. This is the best music collection ever made for a totally relaxing and healing environment.” 

– Dr. Eva Turner, DC
Orangeburg, New York

“ For many years I would have trouble falling asleep because there were so many things in my   head from the high demands and stress of my job. The first time I played Soul Traveler I felt so relaxed and fell asleep the whole night without waking up.” 

– Vivian Fu
Financial Analyst IBM, Harrison, New York

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