About Soul Traveler

Experience the remarkable creative flow of a spiritual composer (channel), who receives his inspiration directly from God, the Ch'i of the Universe or the Akashic Field (depending on your belief system).

His channeled performances of neo classical Ch‘i Gung Piano Healing Music are recorded at the moment of their creation and were never thought of, composed or rehearsed before and will never be played again by Misevis. His multi-media Click Card also includes videos of Ch'i Gung piano channeled performances by showing how Master Wan Su Jian and his group of Ch'i Gung doctors from Beijing, China along with Misevis, charge his Ch‘inatas with healing intent.

Typically in China, Ch‘i Gung is practiced with Chinese instruments, which are beautiful, but foreign sounding to the Western ear. Misevis gave a channeled piano concert in Beijing in 2003 and Master Wan Su Jian was so impressed with his performance and the fact that Misevis had studied Ch‘i Gung since 1990 that he approached Misevis about teaming up to bring the ancient Chinese healing art of Tao Ch'i Gung to the West by integrating Ch'i Gung healing through the sounds of a Western instrument. Click the Videos button at the top of the page to watch the first ever concert of Ch‘i Gung performed with a Western instrument—the Piano.

Misevis received the gift of spontaneous composition in 1999 after returning from a three-week gig as a photojournalist researching the Best of the Best Spas in the World for the Robb Report and received 73 spa and healing treatments in a 21-day period. Upon returning to Castle Mountain, he sat down to do overdubs on a symphony he wrote prior to leaving and instead Soul Traveler Prelude magically appeared out of nowhere and was completed in two and a half hours.

His journey into energy medicine and natural healing was the result of a personal tragedy when his seven-year-old son Rajah died in his arms from brain cancer. In researching traditional healing around the world, he became aware of a unified theory explain by quantum physics and the Chinese concept of Ch'i. In his Multimedia Click Card CD, DVD and 786-page Bible for Survival in the 21st Century Set, Soul Traveler – Healing Journeys, Misevis explains how Ch'i and the subtle energy of healing intent are encoded in the sound waves of his music. His experiences have defined his life's mission to encourage awareness of well being and self-healing and Save a Million Lives. 

Let the uplifting sounds of his Soul Traveler Ch‘i Gung (Qigong) Piano Healing Music Collection of 116 Ch‘inatas in 15 CD/MP3s envelope you in soothing tones and healing vibrations. It makes the perfect soundtrack for intimate moments, dinners, spas, therapeutic and healthcare environments, businesses, hospitals, offices, markets, factories, get-togethers. Play them all day at work and in your home. 

The Soul Traveler Ch‘i Gung (Qigong) Piano Healing Music Collection, is the companion to Soul Traveler – Healing Journeys, the definitive book linking music healing with diet, lifestyle change, frequency healing and Eastern medicine. It tells of Misevis’ heart-wrenching journey into complimentary and holistic medicine and healing in a desperate attempt to save his son Rajah’s life after doctors gave him a year to live without treatment and a 25% 5-year survival with surgery, radiation and chemo. What we went through will change how you think about healing cancer, heart dis-ease and chronic dis-ease, and introduce you to energy medicine, music healing and the very foundations of life itself. 

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