Kevin Misevis - The Soul Traveler presents

George McCrae

The 1st African American to write an American Patriotic Song.

Love Songs by George McCrae

  • Spontaneously written and composed by McCrae & Misevis with songs & arrangements by Thomas Calvin James
  • Rocking Americans back to LOVE & PATRIOTISM
  • 2 Platinum Singles & LP's, 14 gold records

International Pop Star

Afro-Scott American George McCrae is back to Rock Americans back to Love and Patriotism. George McCrae performs in 82 countries around the world and is known as the Ambassador of American Music selling over 100 million units worldwide.

His “new” album, AMERICA RED WHITE & BLUE is a classic multi-genre album about love of Country, and intimate love between a man and a woman. It is a breath of much needed fresh air with real music to enjoy, listen to, dance to, sing along with and understand.


Produced in 1981 and never released, AMERICA RED WHITE & BLUE is unlike any other of George’s music and is now being released at a critical and divisive time. George calls on all Americans to stand tall with their brothers and sisters, love one another and make America Great again.


George excels as a soulful songwriter as he and his producer, Ch‘i Gung Pianist Kevin Misevis (THE CH‘I GUNG PIANO HEALING MUSIC COLLECTION, 2016) spontaneously channeled each song they wrote in four to six minutes as the words and music were created from ex nihilo, yet the songs sounded like they already knew them and were just performing them for the umpteenth time.


George’s silky high voice accentuates the emotions and feelings of love and spiritually awakens us with Ballads, Rock, Dance, Country, Smooth Jazz and Island sounds that will make you smile and have great times, and includes a new version of ROCK YOUR BABY for all his fans.

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AMERICA RED WHITE & BLUE (5.55 MB) $ 0.99 4:36 Play
HOT TO THE TOUCH (5.56 MB) $ 0.99 4:42 Play
ROCK YOUR BABY (3.7 MB) $ 0.99 3:06 Play
THAT'S WHAT YOU ARE (6.2 MB) $ 0.99 5:09 Play
I COME APART (5.1 MB) $ 0.99 4:13 Play
I DON'T KNOW WHAT SHE SEES IN ME (5.1 MB) $ 0.99 4:10 Play
LOVE ME ALL NIGHT LONG ( 4.6 MB) $ 0.99 3:51 Play
YOU'RE ONE HELL OF A WOMAN (4.0 MB) $ 0.99 3:21 Play
I CAN'T RUN AWAY FROM LOVE (6.2 MB) $ 0.99 5:09 Play
I BELIEVE IN LIVING ( 7.5 MB) $ 0.99 6:12 Play
I DON'T MIND BEING A MAN (9.1 MB) $ 0.99 4:27 Play
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