Kevin Misevis

The oldest of five children, Kevin Misevis was born August 9, 1947 in Newton, MA. Hbegan piano lessons at the age of four after hearing Boogi e Woogie played on the family piano by a family friend. He attended lÉcole de St. Jean l'Évangéliste, a parochial grade school run by French Canadian nuns and studied French and piano in addition to regular subjects. During a piano lesson in the school rehearsal hall where 15 other piano students were practicing, his teacher discovered Misevis had perfect pitchwhich is the ability to know what note is being played just by hearing it.

His father was a Navy veteran, cook and chef who worked two jobs and believed children should earn their keep. At age seven, Misevis started caddying at a local country club and worked in the kitchen to help support the family. He continued to develop his musical skills often practicing four to five hours a day. At fourteen, he formed a five-piece band, played Catskill resorts during high school and began writing songs at 18.
He won a New York State Regents Scholarship, studied music as a freshman at Wagner College in Staten Island and toured the United States with the Wagner College Choir as a 2nd tenor in 1965-6. Unchallenged by the music curricula at Wagner, Misevis transferred to New York University as a sophomore, changed majors to chemistry and psychology and studied physics and philosophy while performing in New York City clubs.

In his 20’s, Misevis was a director and pianist for numerous groups, singers, dancers and entertainers in New York City, the Catskills, Paris, France and Stockholm, Sweden. At 27 Misevis began his career in real estate developing acreage in the Catskills, which enabled him to launch his record label Fist-O-Funk, Ltd. –the Sophisticated Funk Company.

In 1976, he produced New York Strut a 12-inch 45 with TC James and the Fist-O-Funk Orchestra, and in 1978, leased the former Blood Sweat and Tears 16-track recording studio in New City, NY and upgraded it to a State-of-the-Art 24-track recording studio. In 1978 Misevis produced Dance All Over the World a track from the “Keep On Dancin album, featuring TC James and the Fist-O Funk Orchestra, which became a top 10 Dance hit on the Billboard Top 100 and a Number One dance hit on the Canadian dance charts. Misevis produced I Believe, America Red White and Blue and I Don‘t Mind Being a Man with international pop star George McCrae, and recorded the likes of Cindy Lauper, Angelo Bofil, Henry Gross, The Brecker Brothers, The Harlem Boys Choir and many others. Over the next 35 years, Misevis wrote and produced hundreds of songs.

He married his first wife from Stockholm, Sweden, in 1972 and they had three children, but tragedy struck when Rajah, who was only six, was diagnosed with brain cancer in 1990 and given a year to live and Rajah died in his father’s arms a year later. Misevis researched and studied everything he could to save Rajah’s life, but to no avail. Cancer cures are purposely hidden, suppressed and demonized by the powers that be. This profound and challenging experience was a spiritually awakening journey that introduced Misevis to the world of energy healing and alternative therapies.

After Rajah died, Misevis set off to the Americas, Asia, Africa, Indonesia, Europe and the Caribbean researching natural and holistic healing, art, culture, ancient sacred sites, shamanism, sacred music festivals and five-star spas as a free-lance photojournalist for music, health and luxury living magazines. In 2001, Misevis married again and had two children.

His new book Soul Traveler–Healing Journeys chronicles his discoveries that enabled him to rid his own body of cancer in 2007 in six months without the use of radiation, chemo, drugs or surgery. After returning from Tibet in 2003, he contracted SARS related pneumonia that left him with a 50%-enlarged heart, typically a death sentence from congestive heart failure, heart attack or stroke. His 50%-enlarged heart went back to normal size in four months without the use of drugs or surgery.

The Soul Traveler Ch’i Gung Piano Healing Music Collection, his contemporary, classical piano discography, consists of 15 Healing Music CDs and Soul Traveler–Healing Journeys. This multimedia set contains beautiful healing music and hard to find information and resources for healing cancer and other chronic dis-ease without the use of drugs, radiation, chemo or surgeries and includes music and videos to induce relaxation, healing and spiritual evolution.

His organically channeled music draws inspiration from Ch’i Gung, Zen Buddhism, martial arts, Tantric, Hatha and Kundalini yoga, Western classical masters, and Egypto-Judeo-Christian energies. Misevis is the channel from which these healing energies flow, and his healing intent is infused with universal consciousness, wisdom, and love.

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