The Ch‘i Gung (Qigong) Piano Healing Music, Videos & Book Set

  • This First Ever Collection of Ch‘i Gung Healing Music will soothe your soul, accentuate soul energy, release stress and when listened to when reading SOUL TRAVELER — HEALING JOURNEYS will reboot your ch‘i ram, optimize your brain, make your mental hard drive coherent and profoundly open your awareness to real healing.

  • Except for the MISEVIS IN CONCERT CD, all Ch‘inatas in this Collection were recorded on a rarely heard 7’ 4” August Förster Grand Piano hand crafted in East Germany. All Ch‘inatas were charged with Ch‘i (Qi, Ki, Prana) and healing intent by Ch'i Gung Pianist Kevin Misevis, Master Wan Su Jian and 4 Ch'i Gung masters, doctors & disciples from Beijing, China.

  • You will hear how the August Förster is not only an incredible sounding instrument, but is also an amazing healing instrument and learn the reasons why in Soul Traveler – Healing Journeys.