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Hello from the other side.

Rajah Misevis (8.15.1984 - 12.21.1991)

My Dad shares 4 chapters of his book Soul Traveler - Healings Journeys here Absolutely FREE.

Before deciding to poison yourself with derivatives of Mustard and Sarin Nerve Gas (Chemo), or burn yourself with ionizing radiation or submit to mutilating surgeries, all of which cause or spread cancer, arm yourself with alternative treatment options and questions to ask your doctors including how to choose the right kind of doctor.

Dad's book will put you on the right track toward self-healing consciousness as you explore many options that you can do to heal Cancer, heart dis-ease and most forms of chronic dis-ease without spending a lot of money or feeling worse or dying from the treatment.

My name was Rajah Misevis and I would have been 34 years old in 2018 if I had not died from brain cancer at seven years of age.

Doctors gave me a year to live and started Dad on a Mission to save my life without putting me through the torture of conventional treatments, but the tumor grew so fast, it had to be removed three times. The third surgery spread cancer throughout my brain.

After watching me die in his arms, Dad kept researching healing and 16 years later when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer, he was able to rid his body of it in six months without drugs, biopsies, radiation, surgeries, or chemo.

The Ch'i Gung Piano Healing Music, Video & Book Set

In 2003, Dad channeled a concert of neo classical piano sonatas in Beijing, China. After the concert, Master Wan Su Jian, a 4-Star General in the Chinese Military who is a medical Doctor and Chi Gung Master who treats the President of China, asked my Dad to team up with him to introduce the Eastern Healing Art of chi Gung to the West with a Western instrument - the Piano.

Download a FREE MP3 of Soul Traveler Prelude, a 16 minute healing music Ch'inata - a channeled and spontaneously performed piano sonata charged with Chi and healing intent by my dad, Master Wan and 4 Chi Gung Masters from Beijing China - Absolutely FREE. Watch the videos too. You will love them!

Own The Soul Traveler Ch'i Gung Piano Healing Music, Video & Book Set

116 Piano Ch'inatas, 4 Chi Gung Music Videos & Healing Journeys. 16 Hours of Soothing, halcyon & stress relieving Music & Videos 786-page Book on Healing Cancer & Chronic Dis-ease without Drugs, Sur-geries, Biopsies, radiation or Chemo.

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