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Soul Traveler - Healing Journeys

Healing Journeys gives expression to the fire, light, wisdom & love of healing & speaks to your soul in a soul to soul communiqué through the multidimensional aspects of the book you are about to experience. Healing Journeys awaken spiritual realities & integrates awareness of the mind field with the body & the energy of compassionate healing intent to activate & nurture healing responses in the mind, body & soul of his audience.


Healing Journeys is a must read book for anyone dealing with chronic dis-ease, especially heart dis-ease & cancer. It is comprehensive, pragmatic, compelling & so gripping that it will open your mind, heart & soul to holistic approaches to real healing. The Author’s use of scientifically sound information, resources & teachings (often ignored by conventional medicine) and the pragmatic, common sense approach taken in Healing Journeys will help you command the largest possible perspective in self-healing consciousness.


The author/composer is not a doctor but a father whose seven-year-old son Rajah died in his arms from brain cancer in 1991. Misevis researched healing around the world & developed an awareness of healing that transcends mainstream Western medicine.



In 2003, the author contracted SARS related pneumonia from a trip to Tibet & China that left him with a 50% enlarged heart, which is typically a death sentence. In 2007, he was diagnosed with prostate cancer & rid his body of cancer in six months & his heart returned to normal in four months without the use of drugs, surgeries, biopsies, radiation or chemo.


The author/composer suggests listening to the free mp3 Soul Traveler Prelude charged with Ch‘i & healing intent while reading Healing Journeys @ It is the first CD on his Ch‘i gung/Qigong Piano Healing Music Collection comprised of 116 classical Piano Ch'inatas of 15 Ch'i Gung concerts with Master Wan Su Jian & 4 Ch'i Gung doctors from Beijing, China who charge his channeled Ch'inatas with Ch‘i & healing intent.

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