Soul Traveler

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SIPAPU is a sacred Hopi rite of passage where initiates are transported through an interdimensional tunnel from the fourth world to the fifth world. Listening to SIPAPU will move you into other worlds as the melodious, silky and effervescent sounds mystically transmute and tune your bio-frequency matrix to new dimensions of Ch‘i, space and time. Please enjoy reading Fasting and Detoxification from my book Healing Journeys while listening to SIPAPU and consider doing a fast to aid your passage to other worlds.

You will come to realize that the frequencies of Ch‘i and healing intent encoded in healing music transact and integrate with the goings on in your body at nano levels. Similar to the nourishment you get from wild, organic and fresh food and pure spring water, SIPAPU will nourish your soul. The sounds of SIPAPU detox the body of out-of-tune frequencies and bring them back to their defaults frequencies just like fasting and detoxification act as a reset button to cleanse your body.