Soul Traveler

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SOUL VOYAGE is a meditator’s delight as its Ch‘inatas are charged with Ch‘i and healing intent by Ch‘i Gung Pianist Kevin Misevis, who spontaneously performs and channels Ch‘i Gung Piano Healing Music on a rarely heard 7’ 4” August Förster Grand Piano while Master Wan Su Jian & 4 Ch‘i Gung masters, doctors and disciples from Beijing, China along with Misevis, charge SOUL VOYAGE with compassionate love, Ch‘i and healing intent.

SOUL VOYAGE draws you in to a quiet mindfulness that stimulates awareness of the breath and helps you notice how subtle changes in your breathing can raise or lower consciousness, blood pressure, stress and anxiety.

SOUL VOYAGE uses the Ch‘i of the Universe to send you on a peregrination deep into your soul where you will meet the real you. Put SOUL VOYAGE in your phone, in your car, at work or when at the beach, skiing, during dinner, massage or body work and especially when reading Change What You Eat and Drink from my book Healing Journeys and Tune-in to the Grandeur of Nature e. Bon voyage.