Kevin Misevis - The Soul Traveler

Soul Traveler - Healing Journeys & the Ch'i Gung (Qigong) Piano Healing Music, Video & Book Set

Soul Traveler - Healing Journeys & the Ch'i Gung (Qigong)  Piano Healing Music, Video & Book Set


  • 116 Piano Ch‘inatas (piano sonatas channeled & spontaneously performed & charged with Ch‘i & Healing Intent by Ch‘i Gung Pianist Kevin Misevis, Doctor & Qigong Master Wan Su Jian & 4 Ch‘i Gung Doctors from Beijing, China)
  • A 786-page Book Healing Journeys on healing cancer & chronic dis-ease without drugs, surgeries, biopsies, radiation or chemo.
  • 4 Ch‘i Gung Piano Music Concert Videos.
  • Looks & feels like a credit card. Click the end & the USB Drive pops out.
  • Plug, play & upload in minutes the entire Ch‘i Gung Piano Healing Music, Video & Book Set.
  • FREE 2-Day Shipping or, download at

Experience the channeled healing music of Ch‘i Gung Pianist & Author Kevin Misevis. His inspirational Piano Ch‘inatas are a natural & spiritual kaleidoscope of subtle energies for stress relief, revitalization & healing.

Designed & produced to create environments for healing & to be listened to while reading Healing Journeys the definitive book on healing cancer & chronic dis-ease, which the composer/author did without drugs, surgeries, biopsies, radiation or chemo.

His 120 Piano Ch‘inatas & Videos were created under optimum feng-shui conditions on a rarely heard 7’ 4” August Förster Grand Piano handcrafted in East Germany. The August Förster affects subtle levels of consciousness that may not be evident in everyday awareness.


Each harmony & overtone is a 4th-dimensional healing-intended activating field that can integrate chakras to help drain & cleanse stagnant, congested, suppressed & toxic emotions in the psychophysical circuitry of the subtle body fields.


Each rhythm is an organizational frequency, a cosmic mantra to lead the soul inward & evoke psychic energies to open a path to liquid intuition, self-transcendence & enlightenment.


Each melody carries the light further inward, revealing the true direction & raison d’être of the journey.

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