Does everybody have ch'i?

Everybody has ch'i; we are all born with it and it makes up our innate vitality. We also absorb ch'i throughout life. We take it in naturally through food, air, water and cosmic forces and we can increase the ch'i inflow to the body by meditation to connect ourselves directly to the universe. 

Some Eastern philosophers believe that we are born with a finite amount of ch'i and that is it, while others believe that you can recharge your ch'i batteries by following the Tao (the way of nature), a mystical quasi religion founded by Lao Tzu in the sixth-century B.C.E.

Still other philosophers and ch‘i masters use ch'i gung (qigong), t'ai ch‘i ch'uan, yoga, deep diaphragmatic breathing, meridian therapy and other disciplines to balance the flow of ch'i in the body and to maintain adequate reserves of ch'i throughout life. 

If you don't do something to contribute to longevity, then chances are you will be a candidate for shortgevity unless you have super genes or are very lucky.

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