Frequently Asked Questions

What is Soul Traveler?

Soul Traveler is music created by spiritual composer and channel Kevin Misevis and Ch'i Gung Master Wan Su Jian and his Ch'i Gung doctors and disciples from Beijing, China. Soul Traveler C'hinatas will take you on a mystical and pragmatic journey to good health and wellness, spirituality and longevity. Besides this incredible book about the secrets of healing cancer and chronic dis-ease without the use of surgery, drugs, chemo and radiation, there are 114 Soul Traveler healing Ch'inatas and 38 Ch'i Gung healing music videos to soothe your soul, relax your body, quiet your mind, take you to other dimensions of sight, sound, space and time that create environments for your body to heal.

Soul Traveler is a brand of free-energy healing music, videos and information that will awaken you to different dimensions of sight, sound, Ch‘i and healing. Soul Traveler Piano Ch’inatas embody a rich tapestry of healing tones and elements of celestial harmony that color them with subtle essences of healing intent and transcendent Ch’i. Such music resonates and entrains the out of tune frequencies of dis-eased cells and nudges them back to their default frequencies to harmonize the body’ s frequencies that help to alleviate the causes of illness.

In some ways, most music taps into the non-violent aspects of the human genome and affects the soul. By calming anger, the liver may dispel stagnation, heal and function without stress. Healing music may help to end the suppression of human spirituality and even help untangle the illusion of the mechanized time prison of the pseudo-solar and illogical Gregorian calendar system. Deep listening and meditating while sitting still may re-educate us at a soul level. We can then awaken our personal consciousness to the timeless energy field and give ourselves more time to cultivate our inner life, connect to source, embrace a self-healing consciousness, reorder our outer life and evolve with elevated awareness

Who Should Read & ExperienceSoul Traveler – Healing Journeys?

Soul Traveler – Healing Journeys is a must read, watch & listen book, DVD & CD set for anyone dealing with chronic dis-ease, especially heart dis-ease, cancer and other chronic dis-ease. Misevis is not a doctor but a father whose seven-year-old son Rajah died in his arms from brain cancer in 1991. Rajah's diagnosis started Misevis on a healing journey over a quarter of a Century ago and because of his promise to Rajah to help children with cancer and prevent his four other children from getting cancer, Misevis researched healing around the world & developed an awareness of healing that transcends mainstream Western medicine.

His true story is gripping, comprehensive, pragmatic, thought provoking, compelling and will motivate you to take control of your own health. Soul Traveler –Healing Journeys will expand your perspective, make you consciously aware of choices & open your mind, heart and soul to real healing and help you develop new capacities for self-healing consciousness. True healing is not about controlling symptoms with drugs, radiation, chemo and surgery. Those treatments attack tumors and symptoms, but do little to heal the body or remove the cause of the dis-ease.

In 2003, Misevis contracted SARS related pneumonia from a trip to Tibet, Mongolia, Hong Kong & Beijing, China leaving him with a 50% enlarged heart, typically a death sentence. In 2007, he was diagnosed with prostate cancer & ARMD. He rid his body of cancer in 6 months & his heart returned to normal in 4 months & in 2014, he had Dzincurabledz ARMD, which improved 60% in 7 days all without drugs, surgeries, biopsies, radiation or chemo.

Misevis awakens spiritual realities, integrates awareness of the mind field, the body and the energy of compassionate healing intent to activate and nurture healing responses in the mind, body and soul of his listeners. His Ch'i Gung Piano music CDs & DVDs are channeled with Master Wan Su Jian & four Ch'i Gung doctors from Beijing, China who perform Ch'i Gung & charge his Ch'inatas with love, Ch'i & the subtle energy of healing intent.

What Is the Purpose of Soul Traveler?

This elegant and pragmatic multimedia set is suitable for almost any purpose, but true healing is the éminence grise. Soul Traveler Ch'inatas are mystical frequencies that create environments for the body to heal by resonating and entraining frequencies back to their defaults and reducing stress. When combined with deep breathing meditation, Ch'i Gung, T'ai Ch'i, yoga or exercise, they draw your energy into a spinning vortex to nourish your chakras whilede-stressing your entire being.

When listening to Soul Traveler Ch'inatas during meditation, it is not uncommon to experience dreaming and expanded awareness of other realities not privy to our five-sense frequency decoders. When listening while reading Healing Journeys, you will be transported deep into a new world of proactive consciousness and you will be shocked by the truth and then will want to resonate with the truths uncovered in Healing Journeys.

You may notice that sometimes the energy of Soul Traveler Ch'inatas changes and grounds you to the Earth, other times it will make your spirit soar like an eagle and you will have an overview of what is going on down here on Earth as you objectively look at the situation completely non involved.

When you need an answer to something that is not available by other means, put on a Soul Traveler CD or DVD and start to deep breathe, clear your mind, relax and concentrate on your breathing. Become peaceful, look inside and meditate on what you seek while listening.

What Can I Expect from Listening, Reading and Viewing the Multimedia Soul Traveler Book Set?

The Soul Traveler multimedia set creates environments for the body, mind and soul to heal. The research in Healing Journeys introduces you to valuable health choices that are not always be presented to you in the fragmented and over-specialized constructs of mainstream medicine. You can expect to learn about real healing and see, hear and feel how the focused energies of healing intent, Ch'i Gung, holistic medicine, self-healing consciousness and love are key elements in healing, wellness and longevity.

The multimedia experience of Soul Traveler – Healing Journeys is a language that speaks to your heart and soul. It will help you find your song in life, move you to unleash the power of your potential, help you heal cancer and chronic dis-ease and elevate your soul to pursue paths of higher consciousness and inner development.

How Does the Ch'i Gung Piano Healing Music Collection Create Enviornments for the Body to Heal?

Soul Traveler Ch'inatas create environment for the body to heal by reducing stress, which can take up to 35% of the immune system's dis-ease-fighting capability and resonating the body's out of tune frequencies back to their default vibrations. The texturizing sound of the August Förster concert grand piano is charged by the amped-up healing intent from Misevis, Ch'i Gung Master Wan Su Jian and four doctors and disciples from Beijing, China, the meditation we do during the day and evening before the recording session, the geo-spiritual vibe of Castle Mountain and the Ch'i of the Universe.

The Soul Traveler sound is energized to a point of etheric enhancement by the mantra of healing intent we direct into each Ch'inata. We then focus on making mind-to-mind and mind-to-body connections with our listeners and viewers. Soul Traveler carries a spiritual potency as a nonlocal healing music experience that stimulates a transcendent and mystical healing process. Soul Traveler Ch'inatas can vibrationally defrag subtle and emotional blockages and help the body evolve in harmony with mind and spirit.

Ch'i-driven restorative tonal frequencies resonate dis-eased cells back to their normal defaults by subtly affecting the body's energy field. As in laser physics, movement can tweak and refine out-of-tune frequencies to stimulate an environment conducive for the body to natural heals itself. Soul Traveler soothes the body because it is flow music. This music was never thought out in advance, written or even performed before and most likely will never be performed by the composer/channeler ever again. When cells, tissues, glands and organs lose their frequency defaults and become out-of-tune, out-of-phase, out-of-sync, stressed-out, overloaded or stagnant, Soul Traveler helps gets the flow going again by touching your soul with the subtle energy of healing intent and entraining or resonating out-of-tune cells back to their default frequencies.

The intrinsic harmonious flow of love and healing intent encoded in Soul Traveler is broadcast to the body, mind and soul and is carried on the sound waves of the piano's vibrating strings and solid brass sounding board. Sound responds to the laws of vibration and activates an environment in which the sound or frequency can resonate with the body's cells, organs, tissues, glands and chakras and bring out-of-tune frequencies back to their default vibrational frequency.

This healing infusion introduces new energy with higher fields that refine, energize and improve the human energy field to magnetize peace, tranquility and healing. Soul Traveler Ch’inatas can help us to let go. They are completely about letting go, for both the listener and channeler. While channeling, I am in the natural flow of life and am totally free of negativity.

This music captures the feeling of letting go and being in the moment; it is not an unconscious expression of happenstance, but rather a transdimensional event connecting channels of universal Ch’ i with the emotions of compassionate love and healing intent that will help the listener grow lighter in spirit. ReadChapter 46, Letting Go in Healing Journeys for more info on this.

How Does Soul Traveler Create a Healing Response in the Body?

Soul Traveler Ch'inatas are channeled and performed using the sacred science of harmonic sympathy to influence energy patterns that induce and nurture healing responses in the subtle and physical bodies. When you listen to or watch channeled and spontaneously performed piano Ch'inatas charged with the subtle energy of healing intent, the intent interacts with your consciousness during the act of perception.

Intent creates a bridge between your heart, soul and central nervous system (CNS) that resonates and/or shifts to the sound of the music carrying the encoded healing intent. The CNS logs on to this energy like a body Internet and instantly and subconsciously transmits healing vibrations to all parts of the body. By creating a wild musical ecosystem, the healing encoded music bypasses the brain's logic system by directly connecting to its inner nature.

Soul Traveler is channeled through the right side of the brain and its frequencies are directly infused and extended into the spiritual and physical planes of the body by compassionate love and healing intent one breath at a time. Both the physical and the subtle bodies need to be healed for a real healing to last. This subject is covered in depth in Chapter 41 of Soul Traveler- Healing Journeys.

Are Soul Traveler - Healing Journeys and The Ch'i Gung Piano Healing Music Collection About Soul Traveling?

Soul Traveler Ch’inatas are harvested from the Akaskic Field during deep meditative trance-channeled performances and they can be viewed at I channel music I never considered playing before and it flows effortlessly into and through my body, into the piano and out to the world. Soul Traveler Ch’inatas are perfect for your soul traveling, just add meditation, a sacred spot with a sound system, some candles, desire and intent and away you go.

Soul traveling uses the free energy of the aether just as we use the energy of gravity or the wind in surfing, sailing, paragliding or Alpine skiing. Soul traveling is the most freeing sensation ever without paying millions to get on Branson’ s commercial spaceship and become gravity free. Once we start, we can tune our soul to other vibrations and dimensions of the Universe, enter the Akashic Field and visit the past, future or go to the other side of the planet or the Universe instantly.

Soul Traveler is channeled and performed using the sacred science of harmonic sympathy to influence energy patterns that induce and nurture a healing response in the subtle, emotional, mental and physical bodies. By creating a wild musical ecosystem, it bypasses the brain’ s logic system anddirectly connects to your inner nature. Soul Traveler is channeled through the right side of the brain and its frequencies are directly infused and extended into the spiritual and physical planes of the body by compassionate love and healing intent one breath at a time. Both the physical and the subtle bodies need to be healed for a healing to last.

What Is Music Used For in Today's Society?

If someone were to do a survey today of the purpose or usefulness of music, entertainment would in all probability, top the list; but music is much more than that. Music has the power to move our hearts, change our minds, elevate our consciousness and stimulate healing. It would be hard to find a movie today that did not have music in it. Even though most contemporary and popular music is not composed specifically for wellness or healing, by its very nature, most of it is a form of frequency healing. Unfortunately, not many Westerners are aware of or think about the innate power of music for healing.

Does Soul Traveler Have Anything to Do With Religion?

Soul Traveler has nothing to do with religion, and it doesn't matter if you're Jewish, Catholic, Protestant, Communist, Geniist, Muslim, Jain, a Spiritist, Sufist, Buddhist, Hindu, Taoist, Caodaist, pagan, atheist, a believer in a higher power or a Goddess worshipper, you will fully enjoy the benefits of this spiritually meditative music.

At the very least, you will relax, which allows the healing process to occur in the body. More importantly Soul Traveler is a powerful invocation to cultivate spiritual growth. It is a way to find the God within. When listened to while doing deep breathing meditation, it can open your soul's inner path to the reality of the non-material worlds, self-actualization and enlightenment.

People react differently to different stimuli, and it is not uncommon for people to say that the radiant energy and musigenic (gene changing) withinness of Soul Travelertriggers emotional, spiritual, noetic, physical, creative, mystical and/or peaceful reactions in them. One acquaintance uses Soul Traveler to head off arguments and calm his children down when they get antsy.

In What Ways are Soul Traveler Ch’inatas Spiritual?

This channeled and spontaneously performed music gently guides you toward going with the flow. It is the ultimate flow music as it is not contrived, thought of in advance or thought of even during its creation; it comes from the God, the Chi of the Universe and/or the Akashic Field. It stimulates wellness and enlightenment while cultivating timeless and mystical states of consciousness and is consistent with many religious experiences. Soul Traveler Ch’inatas initiate a change of what Yaqui Indian sorcerer Don Juan Matus would call your “ assemblage point” in order to integrate fragmented aspects of your mind, lead you to a more inward focus and allow you to view your life from the perspective of balance.

Listen to your favoriteCh’inatas and jump into the Soul Traveler abyss where you transcend Newtonian concepts of reality and Cartesian dualism where the material and spiritual, the body and mind and Man and nature were all considered two separate realms of existence. When Soul Traveler connects deep within your soul, you will realize that you are the Youniverse as you experience inner sources of peace, inner knowing, bliss and Oneness.

Soul Traveler, like most classical music, creates order out of chaos but goes beyond most music in that its flowing spiritual nourishment creates a contemplative state of emotional equilibrium and serenity. It effortlessly reaches deep into personal consciousness integrating feelings of wellness, joy, bliss and the timeless Divine ecstasy of the eternal life of the soul.

What Are the Mechanisms Through Which Healing Music Work?

Resonance is one of the mechanisms through which music healing works. It is a kind of spiritual magick because when resonance happens, energy is transferred without heat or loss of energy even though it sounds again and entropy is not increased.

Sympathetic resonance is a method of transferring free energy. Objects having the same wavelength will absorb and transfer energy selectively ignoring other frequencies. Louder and stronger vibrations prevail over or entrain softer and weaker vibrations just like bringing light into darkness will make the darkness become light. Most pathogens vibrate in the 0.001 to 1,000 Hz spectrum and 98% of that spectrum is in the 20 to 20,000 Hz sound spectrum audible to the human ear for most people. This is why sound frequencies and music can heal. Most pathogens vibrate in the sound spectrum and are effected by sound waves through resonance and entrainment.

Resonance also happens with related frequencies that naturally vibrate in sympathy with the fundamental tone and you can hear them if you listen for them. The fundamental tone is composed of harmonic partials like octaves, fifths, thirds, fourths, etc. Those frequencies also have harmonics, and the number of harmonics is potentially infinite.
Soul Traveler also works through the healing intent of Misevis and Ch'i Gung Master Wan Su Jian and his doctors from Beijing, China that is carried on the sound waves of the music. In inspired spiritual musical moments, Misevis channels and spontaneously performs "Music in the Qi of life," unlocking the doors to universal free energy that illuminates the brain and enhances life. His alluring music transcends traditional forms of music and captures essences of freedom, peace, tranquility and self-awareness. Misevis is connected to the infinite bloom of love and the atmospheric quality of his music is charged and encoded with compassionate love and healing intent.

When listening to the end of a Soul TravelerCh’inata, you will notice the notes ring out for thirty seconds or more and with the pedal down, the open strings vibrate sympathetically and absorb free energy from the struck strings. This is a good time to do some active listening during deep breathing meditations. If you listen carefully, you hear myriads of overtones coming and going as they ring louder and softer in a vibrational relationship that mimics how frequencies affect the subtle energy of the body and how matter and energy are interchangeable.

These harmonics make up the texture, timbre, color and halo of the held note or chords being played. The combination of the fundamental with the myriad of partials is what connects you to Spirit, especially when used with deep breathing meditation. In much the same way, each type of thought or feeling has its own fundamental wavelength or frequency encoded in an organized field of energy. It is through the sympathetic resonance of those thoughts or feelings that other higher harmonics are produced just as with sound waves, which raise our consciousness by octaves, fifths, fourths, etc. to elevate awareness.

Now, extrapolate that concept to a piano sound board where there are eighty-eight notes and each note has one, two or three strings per note that are set in motion when played. This creates millions of unique fields of influence. One can then understand why a piano is such a rich, full-sounding instrument that can affect so many pathogens, thoughts and feelings on so many levels. It is in this way that my August Förster piano transduces sound waves into emotional and spiritual energy with the added input of coded healing intent.

As an example, the note F will resonate the lungs; the note G the liver, gallbladder, spleen and stomach; and the note C the base of the spine. However, there are millions of frequencies in between the 88 notes of a piano.When a piano is out of tune, the notes do not resonate very well and they sound terrible.

When a body is out of tune, some illness has caused the wavelength of the body’s default vibrations to change and the body feels and/or sounds terrible. Soul Traveler produces wave patterns using sound fields that are encoded with the energy of focused healing intent. These wave fields loosen the grip of the left-brain and induce subjective and timeless states of mystical consciousness as well as other dimensionalities that sing to the soul.

In the Body Electric, Robert O. Becker MD and Gary Selden report on some very interesting research Becker performed on the DC control system of salamanders. Becker figured that the DC current system must be a connection between geophysics and the responses of living things and showed how currents and their associated electromagnetic fields are affected by external electromagnetic fields.

Since biomagnetic fields couple to the body’ s DC currents, external field changes can be read out through perturbations in the DC currents. Their research shows how external fields also couple directly to the DC currents themselves without acting through the biofields as intermediary, especially if the currents were semiconducting.1
They point out how the DC current system is not species-specific as all living entities would share the global experience of being plugged-in to the electromagnetic fields of the Sun, Moon and the Earth.2
Music is an electromagnetic field and as Becker so eloquently shown it acts on the biofields (the chakras, the human energy field, etc.) and DC currents of all living entities. Plants grow better and healthier when classical music is played for the seeds and the plants. See Chapter 41 in Soul Traveler – Healing Journeysfor more details.
1. Becker MD and Gary Selden, The Body Electric (New York: Quill, William Morrow, 1985)
2. ibid.

How Is Soul Traveler Music Different from Most Western Music?

Soul Traveler is unique in that it keeps alive the ancient mysticism and traditional wisdom of music for healing that is completely lost in most contemporary music today.

Additionally, Soul Traveler adds the ancient healing wisdom of Ch’i Gung and the subtle energy of healing intent to fire up the subtle senses. Healing music stimulates the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems, affects heart and respiratory rates and blood pressure via field transactions and influences higher vibrational thought patterns and psycho-spiritual evolution; as in music, so in life.

Soul Traveler is in the moment music—it was composed from ex nihilo (from nothing). Because of its connection to the flow, it stimulates the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems, affects heart rate, respiratory rate and blood pressure via field transactions and influences higher vibrational thought patterns (great for creative writing, organizing, yoga, exercise, driving, Ch'i Gung, loving, focusing, psycho-spiritual evolution—you name it, it works with everything.

Although this natural channeling process draws inspiration from Western classical masters, Zen, Buddhist, Ch’ i Gung, American Indian, Raja (intellectual), Tantric (sexual) and Hatha (physical) yoga, as well as from Egypto-Judeo-Christian energies, Soul Traveler music is like the Dreamtime of the Aborigines. It does not have the structure or form of traditional Western classical music. Its beauty is in its formlessness, its Easterness and flow. It meanders like a Chinese painting, usually without repetition, through musical time and space. There are no charts or sheet music, no rehearsals and no band; it is totally in the moment.

Soul Traveler, like most classical music, creates order out of chaos and goes beyond most music in that its flowing spiritual nourishment creates a contemplative state of emotional equilibrium and serenity. It effortlessly reaches deep into personal consciousness integrating feelings of wellness, joy, bliss and the timeless divine ecstasy of the eternal life of the soul.

Like Icaros, which are Peruvian healing songs taught to shamans by plant spirits, Soul Traveler Ch’inatas are empowered in a special way. When I am deep in the moment, I lose track of time and can never remember any of my channeled compositions. Even though my perfect pitch allows me to know instantly the notes being played with absolute clarity, my brain doesn’t remember the sequences of a four to 14 minute Ch’inata. They are recorded and filmed during channeling because of that very reason. It is in the moment and all the moments are beautiful.

What Do Holistic Doctors and Healthcare Practitioners Think About Soul Traveler?

Endorsements from many doctors, chiropractors, homeopaths, Eastern medical doctors, Ch‘i Gung masters and health-care professionals, energy healers, teachers, hospitality and spa directors, journalists, radio DJs, listeners and anecdotal comments from hundreds of listeners indicate that Soul Traveler Ch’inatasbring about a heightened sense of well being, soothes and reduces stress and tension and even shifts the frequency of the moment to empower natural cognitive creative energies. In effect, they touch the soul at the deepest level and balance the in the moment emotional dynamic that helps us go with the flow. Click the endorsement button at to read the endorsements.

What Do Ch‘i Gung Master Wan Su Jian and His Doctors from Beijing, China Have to Do with Soul Traveler?

When Master Wan and his doctors perform Ch'i Gung during channeling a Ch’inata, they are essentially bathing, retuning and strengthening my body and energy field with Ch’i, the Universal Life Force through resonance with the Earth’s swirling and molten inner liquid and solid core and the cosmos. Their Ch’i becomes part of the refined essence of the music and gives extra energy to the healing power of the piano’s tonal resonance. Watch the videos to see how it is done at

What if I Am Not into It, Will It Still Affect Me?

One of the beautiful things about Soul TravelerCh‘i Gung healing music is that, even when listened to in the background without any attention directed to it, its flowing music energy automatically activates the innate healing powers of spirit. It just flows in an automatic bioelectromagnetic mindfulness that transacts with the body’s chakras and fields and opens metaphysical access to soothing vibrational relaxation while washing us with biodynamic equilibrium.

When listening to The Soul Traveler Ch‘i Gung Healing Music Collectionwhile meditative breathing, the resonance and entrainment combination of the musical Ch’i Jacuzzi frees the mind, neutralizes negative feelings and aids in aligning the gestalt of our entire being without increasing entropy. It stimulates alpha and theta wave activity, winds down our inner speed-demons and configures our mind to allow subconscious perceptual shifts that are predisposed to profound spiritual revitalization.

Soul Traveler music opens a portal to consciousness and the timeless awareness of the cosmos. Quantumly speaking, relaxing, de-stressing and healing are dependent on the attitude, intent and action of the listener just like an observer will alter the observed. However, healing music carries the subtlest spiritual message of healing consciousness just like the most powerful homeopathic remedy has no physical trace of remedy in it. Everything happens in the field. Healing music creates a field that instantly sets up field transactions with the Unified Energy Field and the morphogenetic fields of the subtle bodies. I encode Soul Traveler with love, compassion and healing intent into the carrier waves of the channeled music one breath at a time.

How Is a Subtle Energy Like Healing Intent Encoded in the Frequencies (Sound Waves) of Soul Traveler Music?

The intrinsic harmonious flow of healing intent encoded in Soul Traveler is broadcasts to the body, mind and soul in swells of love carried on the sound waves of the piano’s vibrating strings and solid brass sounding board. Sound responds to the laws of vibration and as I show in Soul Traveler – Healing Journeys, activates environments in which the body can heal. This healing infusion introduces new energy with higher fields that refine, energize and improve the human energy field to magnetize peace and tranquility. This is not a transfer of personal healing energy per se, but a transfer of universal energy through a clear channel directed by the energy of healing intent.

The endocrine system is the body’s center for non-ordinary vibratory perception and it absorbs, stores and transmits subtle, telluric and cosmic energies through the chakras. During channeled performances of Soul Traveler Ch’inatas, the chakras stripe them with subtle frequencies of healing intent like SMPTE(Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers)time code locks music and voice-overs to film.

SMPTE time code is not heard or seen on the film, but rather acts behind the scenes keeping everything in sync. Depending on the music you listen to, your body’s bioelectromagnetic and biochemical environments, as well as force-field transactions and EMF pollution will, over time, cumulatively enhance or degrade vitality, health and longevity.

The late Jacques Benveniste has shown that specific molecular signals could be transferred with an amplifier and electromagnetic coils. Using a multimedia computer, he recorded molecular activity and then played it to a biological system that was sensitive to that substance. Even though there was no “real” activity going on, the recording held the essence of that activity and in every case, the substance reacted to the recording as if the molecules were actually there and the recording activated a biological chain reaction.3 An obvious conclusion to this experiment is: molecules speak to each other nonlocally, virtually instantaneously and in oscillating frequencies. Benveniste demonstrated the mechanism by which music can encode frequencies of love and healing intent as well as commercial, political, religious, financial and psychological intent.

3. McTaggart, The Field, Quoted from E. E. Green “Copper Wall Research Psychology and Psychophysics: Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine: Emerging Theory and Practice”, Proceedings, First Annual Conference ISSSEEM, Boulder, Colorado, 1991

It is this coded transcendent energy that gently moves you into a zone and/or takes you on a truly regenerative spiritual experience that gently soothes your soul with peace, clarity and tranquility. You may feel it as a tantra or a web containing essences of universal Ch’ i and use it as an inspirational influence to relax and activate stress reduction, healing, creativity, business deals and great social interaction. See Chapter 41 in Soul Traveler – Healing Journeys for more details.

Is Music Healing a New Idea?

Definitely not! Music has been used for healing and to connect to one's spiritual self for millennia, and when you look at escalating costs of medical insurance and copays for the patient, coupled with the fact that many doctors are unable to afford medical insurance to stay in business and are being driven out of the profession, it pays to heed the Boy Scout motto, "Be It could come to pass that we might have to be our own doctor in the not-too-distant future anyway. It is wise to investigate all available therapies, including spiritual dimensions that may resonate with you. You will then be able to make well-informed choices in your journey to health and well being.

Who is Kevin Misevis?

Kevin is a composer of classical healing music, an author, pianist and CEO of several companies involved in music and Real Estate. In 1976 he produced New York Strut, a 12 inch 45 with TC James and the Fist-O-Funk Orchestra and re-opened the former Blood Sweat and Tears studio in New York City as a state-of-the-art 24 track-recording studio. In 1978, he produced "Dance All Over the World," a track from the Keep On Dancin album, featuring TC James and the Fist-O-Funk Orchestra, which became a top 10 Disco hit on the US charts and a number one Disco hit on the Canadian Dance Charts. In addition, he produced "I Believe" with international pop star George McCrae, and recorded the likes of Cindy Lauper, Angelo Bofil, the Brecker Brothers, the Harlem Boys Choir, and many others.

His six-year old son, Rajah, was diagnosed with brain cancer in 1990 and died in his arms in December of 1991. Throughout that time, Misevis researched and studied everything he could to save his son's life. This profound and challenging experience was a spiritually awakening journey, which introduced Misevis to the world of energy healing and alternative therapies. His spiritual healing journey took him through the Americas, Asia, Africa, Indonesia, Europe, and the Caribbean as a free-lance photojournalist where he studied indigenous philosophies, meditation and energy work while experiencing traditional and Eastern healing techniques and treatments at spas and wellness centers around the world.

Misevis researched and witnessed the effects that music had on healing and in 1999, while doing piano overdubs at Castle Mountain Studios in the Catskills, discovered his healing journey had unlocked the gift of spontaneous musical composition. His organically produced music draws inspiration from Ch'i Gung aka Qigong, Zen Buddhist, martial arts, Tantric, Hatha, Kundalini yoga, Western classical masters, and Egypto-Judeo-Christian energies. Kevin is the channel from which these healing energies flow and his healing intent is infused with universal consciousness, wisdom and enlightened love.

Who is Master Wan Su Jian?

Master Wan Su Jian comes from a ch'i gung family. He inherited this tradition and practiced Tao Ch'i Gung throughout his lifetime. Both his parents are Chinese doctors of herbal medicine as well as practitioners of Tao Ch'i Gung. He started his training when he was a child with many famous Chinese Tao teachers and hermits. All his teachers, who lived in deep forests or on high mountains, taught cosmic unity and possessed the highest of natural powers.

Master Wan studied and practiced Tao Ch'i Gung daily for many years, eventually becoming a master, which is not easy to say the least. One has to go through many years of concentrated study and practice until one becomes "one" with the Tao Ch'i Gung—a unity with natural energy. It takes ten years, at least, to teach, train, and mold one good student who can later qualify to be a Master of Tao Ch'i Gung, because one has to know not only Tao Ch'i Gung itself, but also learn Chinese medicine, some Western medicine and body sciences.

Master Wan is a Chinese military medical doctor, Director of military doctors, personal physician of Chinese Presidents, and currently a professor, kung fu and Tao Ch'i Gung Master and a semiretired four-star Chinese army general. His primary job is health care for the highest-level government officials who live in Zhong Nan Hai (the official government residence compound) in Beijing.

Master Wan Su Jian also heads the Beijing Red Cross Center for Taoist Traditional Medicine and has been doing so for many years. He visits many rural areas in China where there is little or no medical care and uses Tao Ch'i Gung to help heal the local patients. He has appeared in several documentaries demonstrating his healing abilities on CCTV in China and is a well-known national hero for saving thousand of lives during the Tangshan earthquake on June 5, 1976, when the city lost 650,000 inhabitants.

How Do You Develop the Ability to Charge Soul Traveler Ch’inatas with Healing Intent?

It is not easy to influence energy without first intending to do so with controlled breathing, a focused concentration and unity of thought, desire and purpose. Intent is a subtle energy that is nonlocal and as a frequency it can transact with other frequencies. It is interesting to know that experiments by William Tiller show conclusively that intent Dz...could be imprisoned in a bit of electronic memory and later released to affect the physical (McTaggart, Lynne. The Intention Experiment. New York: Free Press, 2008.)

Soul Traveler is encoded with the energy of focused healing intent. These wave fields loosen the grip of the left-brain and induce subjective and timeless states of mystical consciousness. During meditations, the level of healing intent is increased through shamanic emotional imagery that intensifies my perpetual quantum connection to universal Ch‘ i and is empowered by Rajah’ s teachings. This enhanced intent operates like a local structured potential and imprints these dynamics upon the music being created.

The tones are within me and I am one with the piano as the spirit and sound of the instrument flows from the higher dimensional consciousness of the Akashic Field through my whole body, especially my arms, hands and fingers in a continuous and compassionate expression of divine spiritual electricity that awakens and nurtures the soul. When you hear the piano strings ring like Tibetan bells into infinity, access to other dimensions, or even a sense of cosmic interconnectedness with the Universe can be experienced.

Fritz Albert Popp, a theoretical biophysicist at the University of Marburg in Germany, discovered that light in our cells vibrates with quantum frequencies and our cells and the DNA in them are resonators that communicate, amplify, transmit and receive energy and information from “ out there.” 4 Since DNA is a magnifying transducer, it is easy for it to receive and broadcast amplified healing intent into the music being created. It is as if every DNA antenna of my body and every note of the piano tune-in to the cosmic pulse of the Universe. I become a biocosmic musical transducer and acknowledge my Genius loci, the spiritual entity of Castle Mountain, surrender to the currents of cosmic law and connect to the healing Ch’ i of the Universe. See Chapters 25 and 28 in Soul Traveler – Healing Journeys for more details.

4. M. Schlitz and W. Braud, “ Distant Intentionality and Healing: Assessing the Evidence” Alternative Therapies 3 (6), (1997),: 62-73 as quoted by Lynne McTaggart,The Field: The Quest For The Secret Force Of The Universe (New York: Harper Perennial, 2002), 133.

How Does Soul Traveler Stimulate Self-healing Consciousness?

The coherent frequencies of the Soul Traveler Ch'i Gung Healing Music Collection are a natural catalyst for self-healing in that they bring order the disordered frequencies of the body. Soul Traveler Ch’inatas are like a body harmonizer that can reduce the effects of internal and external stress and can help mitigate the effects of negative electromagnetic radiation from daily life.

They complement the body’ s own natural electromagnetic vibrations and elevate the vibration of the world around the body. As such, they allow the body to produce gradual shifts into different or higher vibrational awareness than normal. They may also affect mood and emotions, which are not only electrochemical and electromagnetic phenomena, can organize the human energy field and affect the subconscious more subtly and pleasingly than drugs; and accomplish it without harmful side effects. Serenity prevails and healing starts to manifest as the music restores vibrational harmony to the body.

What Is Channeling?

When I compose in a trance meditation, my eyes are closed and I am listening with an interior apparatus that tunes-in to the Akashic Field. My spiritual perception focuses on healing intent and opens a flow of higher information and transcendental creativity. For most of the channeled performances, my physical senses melt away as my brain goes into the theta range toward the end of the performance and my soul consumes my awareness as I bring forth the full range of the shamanic musico-mathematical concepts of the “Music of the Spheres.”

Where Do You Channel Soul Traveler Ch’inatas?

Except for a Ch’i Gung concert I gave with Master Wan in October of 2006 in New York City at the Rubin Museum of Art that was filmed and can be viewed on You Tube and at, all of my recording sessions happen at my mountain sanctuary at Castle Mountain in Upstate New York. Filming and audio recordings usual would begin around 1 AM and end around 4 or 4:30 AM. There is usually no audience or noise, just my engineer, my sacred space, nature and I.

The ultimate possibilities available in an empty sound palette resonate with the unique telluric energies of the mountains, lakes and cyclopean waterfalls that emit the charismatic high energy Ch’i of a Shinto shrine. They combine well with the life-enhancing negative ions found at high altitudes and the pristine nature and spirit of Castle Mountain. This ambient harmonic synergy makes the music flow in a sacred sonic birthing process. The channeled musical essence is continuously evolving with each composition and I am amazed how it mystically entrains my body, spirit, mind and soul to the spiritual aether. See Chapter 27 in Soul Traveler – Healing Journeys for more details.

Are There Any Side Effects to Healing Music?

Do not be afraid of listening to healing music; see if it works for you. The stress response always activates the immune system and pulls it away from defending the body from pathogens, toxins, injury, heat and cold and clearing away cellular debris. Healing music reduces the stress response and once you own it, it is free and it most certainly will not harm you. Healing music harmonizes the body’ s energies and opens up pathways to healing consciousness and the mystical energies of the spiritual world lost in childhood.

On What Levels Do Soul Traveler Ch’inatas Create Environments for Healing?

When you listen to the Soul Traveler Ch‘i Gung Healing Music Collection, it can change your channel along with your thoughts, moods, immune system reactions, blood pressure, hormone secretions, heart rate, muscle tension, brain waves, emotions and a zillion other things that occur in the body. You do not have to be a scientist or do double-blind studies to feel these changes; you just have to experience them yourself.

Since music has been a unifying characteristic of healing for millennia, the ancients must have known the body is a vibrant organization of energy and fields and knew about the body’s ability to transact with other energy systems. The body is very sensitive to even weak electromagnetic energy and fields and the combination of field transactions make different fields with integrity of their own. As music is frequencies and healing music is charged with the subtle energy of healing intent, healing can be accomplished on a subtle level as well as the obvious.

When listening toThe Soul Traveler Ch'i Gung Healing Music Collection, our brain wave rhythms can experience and transact with new frequencies and frequency parameters that energize, harmonize and entrain the body to recalibrate to its natural default frequencies. When the body is energetically purring right along, we feel great and experience optimum health.

When Soul Traveler Ch’inatas and/or other healing music are experienced, their ubiquitous spiritual energies induce a physical awareness of natural links that will get you in phase with Earth and cosmic energies and stimulate the development of new capacities of consciousness. The Soul Traveler Ch’i Gung Healing Music Collection contains essences of transcendent power—a free energy of cellular therapies that awaken spiritual realities and integrate compassionate healing intent encoded as a carrier wave in the music. They resonate and entrain your aura, chakras and the crystals of your DNA.

Is Health and Well Being Related to Frequencies?

Health can be defined as the body vibrating at its default frequencies or in-tune and/or tuned-up. By the same token, illness can be defined as the body not vibrating at its default frequencies or being out of tune. It is not then a stretch to see how healing music, which is composed of not only electromagnetic sound frequencies, but also the subtle frequencies of healing intent, transact with DC currents through field transactions and the fields created by all electromagnetic happenings in the body. Healing music creates and nurtures a sound healing environment to reduce stress and allow the immune system to heal the body.

Our truncated five-sense frequency decoders generally do not sense insidious radio frequencies, microwaves or a myriad of other radiation. Yet, when we listen to fast rhythmic music, our legs, feet and/or body become synchronized to the beat. We start to tap our feet, shake our booty or, if we are sitting at a table, drum our fingers without even thinking about it. Shaking our booty is good for us; it drives ch’ i deep into the body, loosens congested ch’ i, releases nervous tension, balances the body and activates muscles, organs, glands and the lymph and immune systems. So, get down and boggie when you feel like moving ch'i around. It’s good for you!

On the other hand, when we listen to a slow, steady rhythm, we may get relaxed without even thinking about it. Even if we are not aware of the music, we are resonating with the music. If we do that subconsciously on the macro level, can you imagine what our cells are doing on the nano-level? If we could zoom-in to the level of our cells and watch them when exposed to microwaves, extraterrestrial rays and other electromagnetic waves, we would see how they resonate with the double helix of our genetic code and how they can change our DNA. See Chapter 23, Vibrational Resonance in Soul Traveler – Healing Journeys for more details.

Are Soul TravelerCh‘inatas Structured in Any Way?

In my channeled musical compositions, form is ephemeral and yet, it achieves a dynamic balance of yin (the feminine, passive and receptive) and yang (the male, active and radiant) as it connects with the Ch'i field. With the help of my body's nerve plexus and endocrine system, Soul Traveler radiates an emotional and spiritual intracellular matrix of healing intent that get ch'inetically imprinted into the music. See Chapter 25,Soul Traveler –The Art of Music Healing in Soul Traveler – Healing Journeys for more details.

Are Freequencies Free?

Freequencies are free once you own them on a CD DVD, mp3or mp4, tape or digital, a musical instrument, music media player or own a machine that produces the healing frequencies you want like cold LASER, Rife, Tems or Ultrasound devices. Energy healers, Ch'i Gung or Reiki masters and the like, are not free but use free energy in healing. Become immersed in energy healing. It feels great.

What is Ch'i Gung?

Ch'i Gung is a subtle energy medicine as well as a 2,000 year-old ancient Chinese healing art for curing illness and strengthening body ch'i. See chapter 19, Ch'i Gung in Soul Traveler – Healing Journeys for a full discussion of Ch'i Gung.

Does Everybody Have Ch'i?

Everybody has Ch'i; we are all born with it and it makes up our innate vitality. We also absorb Ch'i throughout life. We take it in naturally through food, air, water and cosmic forces and we can increase the ch'i inflow to the body by meditation to connect ourselves directly to the universe.

Some Eastern philosophers believe that we are born with a finite amount of Ch'i and that is it, while others believe that you can recharge your Ch'i batteries by following the Tao (the way of nature), a mystical quasi religion founded by Lao Tzu in the sixth-century B.C.E.

Still other philosophers and Ch'i masters use Ch'i Gung (q\Qigong), T'ai Ch'i Ch'uan, yoga, deep diaphragmatic breathing, meridian therapy and other disciplines to balance the flow of Ch'i in the body and to maintain adequate reserves of Ch'i throughout life. See chapter 19, Ch'i Gung in Soul Traveler – Healing Journeys for a full discussion of Ch'i Gung.


If you don't do something to contribute to longevity, then chances are you will be a candidate for shortgevity unless you have super genes or are very lucky.

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Richard, please put the following quotes in the Master Wan endorsement page. Thank you.

“The desire to express my inspiration for healing was fully realized in Soul Traveler. This successful result is evidenced in the following ways: when one listens to Soul Traveler Ch’inatas, they add positive forces to the body such as peace, love, and healing intent. The musical tones are heard and felt through the organs, especially the ear, skin and inner organs, as well as the chakras and crystals of the body. The sounds’ vibrations enter the vestibular system [a fluid-filled network within the inner ear] and help orient, stimulate and balance the body and its metabolism. The sounds cause the heart to beat in rhythm with the peaceful music so that blood circulation cooperates with intestinal function. As the whole body’ s metabolism is stimulated, disease can be eradicated and the body can be healed. When the body is finally one hundred percent healthy, then the individual can move into the subsequent stage of longevity. When the body reaches optimum cellular vibrational levels, it sets the stage for healing.”

“In our normal daily lives, we go through many unhappy, stressful days and depressing moments, especially when we are not in touch with the true consciousness of our core being—our heart center. If we listen to beautiful and relaxing sounds, our vibrational interpreters of emotion become relaxed and our body’ s energy flow merges into a natural energy flow. As a result, we feel much better.”

-Master wan Su Jian 

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