How do Soul Traveler Ch‘inatas create environments for the body to heal?

Soul Traveler Ch‘inatas create environment for the body to heal by reducing stress, which can take up to 35% of the immune system’s dis-ease-fighting capability and resonating the body’s out of tune frequencies back to their default vibrations. 

The texturizing sound of the August Förster concert grand piano is charged by the amped-up healing intent from Ch'i Gung, meditation, the geo-spiritual vibe of Castle Mountain and the Ch’i of the Universe.

The Soul Traveler sound is energized to a point of etheric enhancement by the mantra of healing intent I release into my Ch'inatas along with Master Wan, his Ch’i Gung doctors and disciples. We focus on making mind-to-mind and mind-to-body connections with our listeners and viewers.

Soul Traveler carries a spiritual potency as a nonlocal healing music experience that stimulates a transcendent and mystical healing process.Soul Traveler Ch’inatas can vibrationally defrag subtle and emotional blockages and help the body evolve in harmony with mind and spirit.

Ch’i-driven restorative tonal frequencies resonate dis-eased cells back to their normal defaults by subtly affecting the body’s energy field. As in laser physics, movement can tweak and refine out-of-tune frequencies to stimulate an environment conducive for the body to natural heal itself. 

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