What can Soul Traveler do for me?

What this music can do is to help create an environment for the body to heal, while this book can inform you that there exist valuable health choices that may not always be presented to you in mainstream medicine.  The emotional experience of my son's short life vitalizes, charges and broadcasts focused energies of healing intent and love during these spontaneous compositional performances.  Like ancient shamans who were aware of an invisible nonmaterial realm and knew that thought can control energy by tapping into the universal energy field, I channel the Ch'i of the universe and project it through the mind field as a sound therapy to guide and connect with the inner energy source of intent to help create an environment for the body to do its natural job of healing itself.  Of course there is a glitch to this concept.  If the listener is not receptive or has a mental block to healing, then the maximum positive field transaction benefit will not fully take place although the music can be enjoyed for its relaxation and enteratainment values.  Even so, because of the relaxation effect, the body's healing response will still be partially stimulated as the healing intended sound energy infuses the listener's own energy field.

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