What is Soul Traveler?

Soul Traveler is music created by spiritual composer and channel Kevin Misevis and Ch'i Gung Master Wan Su Jian and his Chi Gung doctors and disciples that will take you on a journey to health, spirituality and longevity.

Besides this incredible book about the secrets of healing cancer and chronic dis-ease without the use of surgery, drugs, chemo and radiation, there are 114 Soul Traveler Ch‘inatas and 38 Ch‘i Gung healing music videos to soothe your soul, relax your body, quiet your mind, take you to other dimensions of sight and sound and space and time to create environments for your body to heal.

This elegant and pragmatic multimedia set can be used for almost any purpose. Soul Traveler Ch‘inatas are mystical frequencies that create environments for your body to heal by reducing stress. When combined with deep breathing meditation, Ch‘i Gung, T‘ai Ch‘i, yoga or exercise, they draw your energy into a spinning vortex to nourish your chakras and de-stress your entire being.

When listening to Soul Traveler Ch‘inatas during meditation, it is not uncommon to experience dreaming and expanded awareness of other realities not privy to our five-sense frequency decoders. When listening while reading Healing Journeys, you will be transported deep into a new world of proactive consciousness and you will resonate with the truths uncovered in Healing Journeys.

You may notice that sometimes the energy of Soul Traveler Ch‘inatas changes and grounds you to the Earth, other times it will make your spirit soar like an eagle and you will have an overview of what is going on down here on Earth as you objectively look at the situation completely non involved.

When you need an answer to something that is not available by other means, put on a Soul Traveler CD or DVD and start to deep breathe, clear your mind, relax and concentrate on your breathing. Become peaceful, look inside and meditate on what you seek while listening.

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