Who is Kevin Misevis?

Kevin is a composer of classical healing music, an author, pianist and CEO of several companies involved in music and Real Estate.  In 1976 he produced New York Strut, a 12 inch 45 with TC James and the Fist-O-Funk Orchestra and re-opened the former Blood Sweat and Tears studio in New York City as a state-of-the-art 24 track-recording studio.  In 1978, he co-wrote and produced "Dance All Over the World," a track from the "Keep On Dancin' album, featuring TC James and the Fist-O-Funk Orchestra, which became a top 10 Disco hit on the US charts and a number one Disco hit on the Canadian dance charts.  In addition, he produced projects like "I Believe" with international pop star George McCrae, and recorded the likes of Cindy Lauper, Angelo Bofil, Henry Grossm the Brecker Brothers, the Harlem Boys Choir, and many others.

His six-year old son, Rajah, was diagnosed with brain cancer in 1990 and died in Kevin's arms in December of 1991.  Throughout that time, Kevin researched and studied everything he could to save his son's life.  This profound and challenging experience was a spiritually awakening journey, which introduced Kevin to the world of energy healing and alternative therapies.  Kevin's spiritual healing journey took him through the Americas, Asia, Africa, Indonesia, Europe, and the Caribbean as a free-lance photographer where he studied indigenous philosophies, meditation, and energy work, while experiencing traditional healing techniques and wellness treatments at spas and wellness centers around the world.  he researched and witnessed the effects that music had on healing and in 1999, while doing piano overdubs at Castle Mountain Studios in the Catskills, discovered his healing journey had unlocked the gift of spontaneous musical composition.  His organically produced music draws inspiration from Chi Gong, Zen Buddhist, martial arts, Tantric, Hatha, Kundalini yoga, Western classical masters, and Egypto-Judeo-Christian energies.  Kevin is the channel from which these healing energies flow and his healing intent infused with universal consciousness, wisdom, and enlightened love.

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