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BEYOND TIME will take you beyond time into a kaleidoscope of healing frequencies charged with Ch‘i and healing intent by Ch‘i Gung Pianist Kevin Misevis, Master Wan Su Jian and 4 Ch'i Gung masters, doctors and disciples from Beijing, China. 

The subtle harmonic and melodic changes were created on a rarely heard 7’ 4” August Förster Grand Piano that was hand crafted in East Germany. BEYOND TIME will soothe and calm your nerves and draw you into your center while balancing emotions and moving your body into homeostasis. 

BEYOND TIME sings to your soul and resonates your out-of-tune frequencies back to their defaults. Please enjoy reading Education, Propaganda and Mind Control and the Chapter on DNA from my book Healing Journeys while listening to BEYOND TIME to synergistically integrate the teachings in those chapters.

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BEYOND TIME (5.40 MB) $ 1.49 5:53 Play
NINTI (4.32 MB) $ 0.99 4:43 Play
COSMIC WEB (6.08 MB) $ 1.49 6:38 Play
ANU-PA (3.54 MB) $ 0.99 3:51 Play
SIPA PUNI (3.75 MB) $ 0.99 4:05 Play
MYSTIC DREAM (8.30 MB) $ 1.49 9:03 Play
CRESCENT MOON (4.39 MB) $ 0.99 4:47 Play
ENKI (4.92 MB) $ 1.49 5:22 Play
RUBATO STREAM (13.33 MB) $ 1.99 14:33 Play
EX NIHILO $ 1.49 9:00
BEYOND TIME CD ALBUM (All Tracks) $ 11.97 67:55

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