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GALACTIC SUN is a frequency Jacuzzi of beautiful, halcyon and healing sounds that resonate and entrain frequencies to create environments for the body, mind and soul to heal. GALACTIC SUN was encoded with the subtle energies of healing intent and Universal Ch‘i by Ch‘i Gung Pianist Kevin Misevis, Master Wan Su Jian and 4 Ch‘i Gung masters, doctors and disciples from Beijing, China.

The Galactic Sun is the center of our Galaxy and is so far away that his energy is very subtle yet powerfully rules our lives on a morphogenic level. The sounds of GALACTIC SUN will connect you to the core elements of Universal Ch‘i. Please enjoy reading Getting Started from my book Healing Journeys while listening to Galactic Sun as all life in our Galaxy is affected and create by our Galactic Sun.

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Select Name Cost Time Preview
THE LAW OF ONE (11.73 MB) $ 1.99 12:48 Play
UNITY OF LIFE (7.73 MB) $ 1.49 8:26 Play
THE THIRD EYE (15.61 MB) $ 1.99 17:02 Play
AS ONE (6.61 MB) $ 1.49 7:13 Play
GALACTIC SUN (8.92 MB) $ 1.49 9:44 Play
ADAPA (7.27 MB) $ 1.49 7:56 Play
APSU (7.81 MB) $ 1.49 8:32 Play
SHINE LIKE THE SUN (10.03 MB) $ 1.49 10:57 Play
GALACTIC SUN ALBUM (All Tracks) $ 11.97 81:38

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