Hello, my name is Kevin Misevis, the Soul Traveler.

If you or a loved-one has cancer or chronic dis-ease, or
if you do not want to become ill, you will want to read

Soul Traveler – Healing Journeys

and find out how and why I was able to:

  • Completely got rid of prostate cancer (close to the shell) in only six months in 2007
  • Put three new prostate tumors into remission in 6 months in 2010, 2012 and 2016
  • Saw a 60% improvement in incurable’ dry macular degeneration in 7 days in 2014
  • Stopped atrial fibrillation and cardio arrhythmia in only 30 days in 2011
  • Had a 50% enlarged heart return to normal in 4 months in 2003
  • Rid my body of Lyme in 2003 in six months
  • Healed Carpal Tunnel in 2001 in 20 days


This information did not come easy. It cost me the life of my son

 My 7-year-old son Rajah squeezed my finger with his last breath 45 days after radiation and chemo put him in a coma from a botched 3rd surgery that metatasized into 28 tumors that spread throughout his brain.

Rajah’s diagnosis in 1990 of a year to live started me on a mission to save his life, but time was short, healing information was hard to find every door I tried to open to save his life was slammed shut in my face.

Real cancer cures are suppressed, bought up, deemed illegal or otherwise disposed of along with the reputations of scientists, inventors or doctors who discover cures for cancer and chronic dis-ease. As a result:

I ran out of time to save Rajah’s life!
Don't let that happen to your child, loved one or yourself.
Read 170 pages and Download a Free Healing Music MP3 Absolutely Free!

Soul Traveler – Healing Journeys &
the Ch'i Gung Piano Healing Music Collection

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The Tao of Cancer Healing &

The Bible for Survival in the 21st Century

A New Testament of Music Healing, Energy Medicine, Ch'i Gung, Spirituality, Shamanism, Religion, Science and Politics.

25 Years of Research & Experience Healing Myself of Cancer and Chronic Dis-ease


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Soul Traveler Prelude unfolds in the infinite bloom of love and captures essences of freedom, peace and tranquility that soothes the soul and mitigates stress.

 Soul Traveler Ch’inatas are shamanically channeled,performed and charged with healing intent using the sacred science of Ch'i Gung and harmonic sympathy to influence energy patterns that induce and nurture healing responses in the subtle and physical bodies.

East Meets West

The Soul Traveler Ch'i Gung Piano
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